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How Safe is Norway?

Find out how safe Norway really is...


Norway is safer than a lot of other countries, as long as you keep some basic travel safety tips in mind to avoid petty theft, and don't stay in poorly lit areas late at night. If you fear for your safety in Norway, call 112 in emergencies or contact your local embassy. There are no unusual health risks in Norway.

1. How safe is Oslo, Norway?

Oslo, Norway
City of Oslo
All in all, Oslo is a safe city, and there are no bad areas that travelers need to avoid. However, pickpockets do exist in the city, and petty theft occurs here and there. Stay safe in Oslo by keeping an eye your purse and wallet especially when you're in a busy tourist area like at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo, or at one of the train stations.

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2. How safe is Bergen, Norway?

View of Bergen, Norway - Bergen Photo
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Being a city thriving on tourism, Bergen also has its share of pickpockets (especially at crowded festivals and transportation terminals), but the numbers are lower than in Oslo. Bergen does not have any bad neighborhoods, even at night. This Norwegian city is much safer than most other city destinations in Europe.

3. How safe are Norway's rural areas?

Spring in Laland, Norway
Exceedingly safe, to the point where a traveler can enjoy peace of mind - but still keep basic travel safety in mind! Rural areas in Norway have slower emergency response times when it comes to medical emergencies. Here, helicopter assistance is not unusual. Also, in smaller towns, not everyone may speak English and you might want to keep some useful Norwegian phrases on hand.
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