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Ski Resorts in Norway: Norway's Most Popular Ski Resorts


Skiing in Scandinavia

Skiing in Scandinavia

Michael Ponton

Looking for a great ski resort in Norway? You've come to the right place. Ski-lovers and winter sports enthusiasts can only love Norway. Norway has countless ski resorts and can offer everything you can think of for your winter vacation in the snow. The most popular winter sport resorts and Norwegian ski areas are listed below.


The ski areas of Lillehammer is located at the northern end of Norway's largest lake, Lake Mjøsa, and is considered to be Norway's oldest winter sport destination. The 1994 Olympic Winter Games put Lillehammer on the international winter travel itinerary.

The Lillehammer region is famous for the spectacular local ski terrain and the many local winter sports activities. Close proximity to Northern Europe's best cross-country areas at Nordseter/Sjusjøen, and the short distance to the Hafjell Alpine Center makes the Lillehammer ski area an exciting and all-round travel destination, not just a ski resort.


Kvitfjell is a relaxed ski resort in Norway. Here, you ski across beautiful langscape and astonishing views. Kvitfjell Aktiv is the supplier of activities at the destination as well as the surrounding area. Kvitfjell Aktiv offers different activities that suit small and larger groups, e.g. ice climbing and dog sleighing/sledding. They deliver food to your lodge or to any activity that you participate in.

Hemsedal Ski Area:

Hemsedal is one of Norway's best ski areas and is called the Scandinavian Alps. That implies only good things. Hemsedal is one of Norway's largest ski resorts with snow from November to May. Amenities at this ski resort include express chairlifts, snowboard parks and areas for children and beginners.

The skiing area stretches from an altitude of 625 to 1920m. Hemsedal offers even dog sledding, horse sleigh rides, and snow scooter rentals.

Trysil Ski Resort:

Trysil is also a great ski resort in Norway. Here, the entire lift system is interconnected so you can easily get to all the downhill runs from most of the dwelling areas. If your accommodation is further away, use their ski bus. Norway's Trysil is in an inland area, and gets dry and fine snow. Normally, this means a good winter and a good guarantee of snow during the season until early May. If you prefer a trip along the cross country tracks, there are 100 kilometers (= 63 mi) of prepared tracks.

Jotunheimen Ski Resort:

This is Norway's ski paradise for everyone. Among alpine slopes, you will find 300 kilometers (= 190 mi) of prepared cross-country tracks, with suitable tours for children and adults. Jotunheimen offers magnificent experiences all winter. In February and March, the skiing conditions here are simply ideal. Cross country enthusiasts frequent Jotunheimen in Spring and early summer, too.

Høvringen-Rodane Ski Area:

A wealth of winter activities are offered in this region focused on cross-country skiing (guided tours are available.) Høvringen has plenty of marked routes: 150 kilometers (94 mi) through woods and open space. Numerous trails and tours of different lengths can be enjoyed at this popular ski resort in Norway.

Geilo Ski Area:

In 1909, the Norwegian ski resort Geilo became a popular winter sports destination. It is a beautiful town set between two ski areas. Located in the heart of southern Norway, the skiing, off-slope activities and unique atmosphere at the Norwegian ski resort Geilo ensures visitors return time and time again. Norway's snowboarders can revel in three terrain parks and Geilo and Hardangervidda have excellent kite-skiing conditions.

For more travel tips for your winter vacation in Norway, you can also visit Destination Norway or Things To Do in Scandinavia. During winter trips, many travelers also wish to find out more about the Northern Lights and Polar Nights (part of Natural Phenomena Of Scandinavia).

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