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Nudism in Scandinavia & Nude Beaches in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is likely the world's most open-minded region, and there are many places where nudism is not only allowed but very common. Find out more about nudism in Scandinavia and where nude beaches are.

Hiertøya Island & Nude Beach
Hjertøya nude beach is an official nude beach on Hjertøya island. The nude beach is found a quick boat ride outside Molde, Norway.

Maps of Nude Beach Locations
Find nude beach locations with these maps, sorted by country.

Nudism in Scandinavia
Nudism in Scandinavia is popular and on many beaches in the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway, nudism is acceptable and common...

Nudism in Norway
Norway offers naturalists many nude beaches and Norway travelers can enjoy clothes-free beaches along most of the Norwegian coast. Find out more if you're interested in naturalism in Norway!

Nudism in Denmark
Nudism in Denmark is popular and there are many nude beaches for Danish nudists. Denmark travelers can enjoy clothes-free beaches along the Danish coast. Read more about Danish nudism.

Nudism in Sweden
Sweden travelers can enjoy clothes-free beaches on the Swedish coast where nudists visit nude CO beaches, naturist resorts, and spend their Swedish nudist vacation. Find out more about nudism in Sweden!

Nudism in Finland
Nudism in Finland is not uncommon and there are several nude beaches (aka free beaches, clothes optional). Find the most popular nudist areas in Finland here.

Nudism in Iceland
Nudism in Iceland is done individually rather than in nudist groups and social gatherings. Iceland offers many locations where you can be naked, but there are no official nude beaches or dedicated nudist locations in Iceland. Learn more in this article.

Mauren Nude Beach near Alesund, Norway
Mauren Nude Beach is a popular nude beach near Alesund, Norway. Find out what's there and how to get there.

Tallparksbadet Nude Beach in Sweden
Tallparksbadet Nude Beach in Oregrund is a nude beach north of Stockholm, popular for nearby camping and its official nude beach status.

Mollön Peninsula Beach in Uddevalla
The unofficial nude beach on Mollön peninsula is a popular and beautiful spot for nude bathing on Sweden's west coast. Mollön peninsula has a nude beach and a separate clothing-required beach.

Svärdsön Nude Beach in Erstavik, Sweden
Svärdsön Nude Beach in Erstavik, Sweden, is a nude beach with basic beach facilities. Learn how to get to Svärdsön Nude Beach in Erstavik from Stockholm, and what this nude beach offers.

Yyteri Nude Beach in Pori, Finland
Yyteri Nude Beach in Pori is one of very few designated nude beaches in Finland and keeps a part of the beach for nudists only. Learn more about the Yyteri Nude Beach in Pori, Finland.

Tullan Nude Beach
Tullan nude beach is found at the northern end of Tullan lake in Sweden, between Sodertalje and Stockholm. Find out about Tullan nude beach here.

Smitska Udden Nude Beach in Goteborg
Smitska Udden nude beach is Goteborg's official nude beach. Smitska Udden nude beach (and textile beach) is located in southern Goteburg and is popular among nudists in the Goteborg area.

Herrfallet Nude Beach, Sweden
Herrfallet nude beach is a popular nude beach in Sweden near the town of Arboga. Herrfallet nude beach is open to nudists at all times.

Truvebadet Nude Beach (Lidköping, Sweden)
Truvebadet nude beach is a nude beach in southern Sweden near the town of Lidkoping. All about Truvebadet nude beach at Lake Varnen, and local facilities, directions, and camping information.

Kollevågen Nude Beach
Kollevågen nude beach and textile beach is located just north of Bergen, Norway, on Askøy Island. Find out how to get to Kollevågen and what the beach offers.

The Seurasaari Nude Beach
Seurasaari Nude Beach is on Seurasaari island south of Helsinki. Seurasaari Nude Beach allows male and female nudists to bathe separately.

Säbyträsk Nude Beach
Säbyträsk Nude Beach is a quiet and natural nude beach near Stockholm. Learn about Säbyträsk Nude Beach and how to get to Säbyträsk Nude Beach from Stockholm, Sweden.

Agesta Nude Beach
Agesta Nude Beach is an official nude beach owned by the city of Stockholm. Learn about Agesta Nude beach, where to find it and what to do at Agesta nude beach in Stockholm, Sweden.

Pihlajasaari Nude Beach Near Helsinki
Pihlajasaari Nude Beach in Helsinki is a nude beach area on one of the Pihlajasaari islands outside of the Finnish capital Helsinki.

Huk Beach in Oslo
Huk Beach in Oslo is a beach divided in a clothing-required section and a nude beach. More about Huk Beach and Huk Nude Beach, and how to get to Oslo's popular beach.

Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall in Helsinki
Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall in Helsinki is a nude/nudist swimming hall with historic surroundings and lots of old decorations. Yrjönkatu Swimming Hall has separate swim times for both genders, bathing gear is optional here.

Strandskog Nude Beach (near Oslo)
Strandskog nude beach is an official nude beach just south of Oslo. Clothing is optional here (a "C/O" or "free" beach). Strandskog is one of the smaller nude beaches but it's a nice, partially sandy beach with privacy.

Ursetvika Nude Beach
Ursetvika Nude Beach is the northernmost nude beach not only in Norway. It is a nice sandy beach near Bodo, but Ursetvika nude beach is used more for sunbathing than for swimming.

Kalvøya Nude Beach
Kalvøya Nude Beach in Sandvika near Oslo is a popular nude beach. Kalvøya Island has both nude and non-nude sandy beaches.

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