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Strandskog Nude Beach (Near Oslo)

An official nude beach at Bunnefjorden, south of Oslo.


Strandskog Beach - Bunnefjorden, Norway

Strandskog Beach - Bunnefjorden, Norway

Strandskog Beach - Bunnefjorden, Norway
Strandskog nude beach is an official nude beach just south of Oslo. Clothing is optional here (a "C/O" or "free" beach). Strandskog is one of the smaller nude beaches but it's a nice, partially sandy beach with privacy.

Since this is one of the official Norwegian nude beaches, there are public beach facilities such as toilets and free drinking water available.

Strandskog nude beach is easy to find. To drive to the nude beach from Oslo, go south on the E18 until you get close to the town of Lian. Look for a right turn onto Ljansbrukveien, go 1.6 km (1 mi) and turn right on Ingierstrandveien/Fv126, and go 5 km (3.5 mi) just past house number 98. There are two parking lots near Strandskog nude beach.

Using the bus, you can get to Strandskog nude beach with bus line 907 from Kolbotn station in Oslo to bus stop Prosted. Walk 250 m south from here.

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