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Mauren Nude Beach near Alesund

Where to Find Mauren Nude Beach and What it Offers


Mauren Beach, Alesund - Norway

Mauren Beach, Alesund - Norway

Mauren Beach, Alesund - Norway
Mauren Nude Beach near Alesund is the perfect nude beach if you're in the western part of Norway.

Mauren Nude Beach is an official nude beach with rocks and public facilities. While nudists in Norway like Mauren Nude Beach a lot, it's also suitable for families. This beach is one of the nicer nude beaches in Norway, I'd say.

You'll find Mauren Nude Beach situation on the northern shore of the Ellingsøyfjord. Make sure to check the weather in Norway before visiting the Mauren beach.

From Alesund, you can take the bus or drive to Mauren Nude Beach. Follow the tunnel north to Ellingsøya Island and keep east toward the Taftsundet bridge (6 mi). After crossing the bridge, you'll see a parking lot to your right. Walk 300 ft south along the path to get to Mauren Nude Beach.

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