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Food & Dining in Scandinavia

Looking for restaurants in Scandinavia, or dining tips? Scandinavia offers great restaurants, so use these helpful restaurant reviews and practical dining tips to find good eats on your Scandinavian vacation.
  1. Drinks & Alcohol in Scandinavia (5)

Swedish Glögg Recipe: How to Make Glögg
A recipe for Glögg or Glogg, the Scandinavian Christmas drink. How to make real Glogg can be found out with this easy recipe...

Scandinavia's Cuisine
Food in Scandinavia is not only fish, but many other types of meat as well, e.g. deer, elk, and bear. Scandinavia's cuisine includes different types of bread, meats, and various sides cooked Scandinavian style...

Top Restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden
There are great restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden and here are our recommendations for Stockholm's best restaurants.

Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark
From different price ranges and various cuisines, here are the restaurants you should remember on your next visit to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Family-Friendly Restaurants in Oslo, Norway
Visiting Norway's capital with your family? Here you will find the best family-friendly restaurants in Oslo, Norway which offer quality food at great prices.

The Best Restaurants in Malmo
As a visitor, it's hard to know which restaurants in Malmo are really good. So to help you, we've picked the 10 best restaurants in Malmo for all price ranges and tastes.

Restaurants in Gothenburg, Sweden
Where in Gothenburg can travelers find good dining? Take a look at this "best of" list. Gothenburg restaurants come in all price ranges for travelers and visitors and it is easy to find out to suit your palate in Gothenburg, Sweden!

Top Restaurants in Aarhus
A good restaurant in Aarhus that suits you is easy to find, especially in the city center. Common opening hours are noon to midnight. Here are our five favorite restaurants in Aarhus that can be highly recommended to Aarhus travelers...

Potetkjelleren Restaurant in Bergen, Norway
Restaurant Potetkjelleren is an insider tip for many Bergen visitors, but well known and loved by Bergen locals and visitors from other parts of Norway. Read this travel review for the Restaurant Potetkjelleren in Bergen, Norway.

Restaurant Laekjarbrekka in Reykjavik
Review of the romantic getaway restaurant, the Laekjarbrekka in Reykjavik, Iceland.

How to Make Glögg
Step by step instructions on how to make Glögg, using an authentic Scandinavian Glögg recipe. Just follow this easy recipe to make your own great-tasting spiced wine.

Submit a Review of Hotels/Restaurants in Scandinavia
So you stayed at a Scandinavian hotel or ate at a restaurant in one of the Scandinavian countries and would like to submit a review? Post your hotel or restaurant reviews with this travel review submission guide online!

Recipe for Fiskepudding
The recipe for Fiskepudding and Fiskefarse, two favorite Norwegian dishes. If you miss Norway after your vacation, try this!

About.com Scandinavian Food
The About.com site about Scandinavian food, with tips for delicious popular dishes and many traditional recipes.

The Best Restaurants in Bergen, Norway

Bergen's restaurants are found in the beautiful center of Bergen (especially near the Torget), and there are also some on the outskirts of this Norwegian town. But which restaurant should you go to for great cuisine? Here are several great restaurants in Bergen that I like to recommend...

Top 6 Norwegian Foods
Norway is probably most widely known for its fish dishes, but it certainly has much more to offer than just fish. Here is an overview of the 6 greatest Norwegian foods.

Top 5 Icelandic Foods
Typical Icelandic foods are quite simple and include fish and other seafood, lamb and potatoes. Here is an overview of the top 5 Icelandic foods.

Top 7 Finnish Foods
Traditional Finnish food is usually quite simple and fresh. Most dishes contain potatoes in some form, and most of the ingredients are local and organic. Here is a list of the top 7 Finnish foods.

Top 7 Danish Foods
What are the most popular types of food in Denmark? Here are the top 7 Danish foods...

Top 6 Swedish Foods
What kind of food is typical for Sweden? When we think of Swedish cuisine we often think of Swedish meatballs, but that's not quite it. Here are the top 6 Swedish foods!

Top 5 Scandinavian Dishes
What are the top 5 Scandinavian dishes? Traditionally, most Scandinavian foods are quite basic and many traditional meals include fish, potatoes, pork and berries.

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