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Review: Restaurant Laekjarbrekka in Reykjavik

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Restaurant Larkjarbrekka, Reikjavik

Restaurant Larkjarbrekka, Reikjavik

Photo courtesy of Reykjavik City of Culture Committee

The Bottom Line

For couples (especially honeymooners), Restaurant Laekjarbrekka may very well be the most romantic restaurant in Reykjavik. Families might find this elegant Icelandic restaurant less suitable.


  • Very romantic for couples
  • Fine dining experience with an extensive menu
  • Very tasty food


  • Rather high-priced - not for budget eaters
  • Not suited for families with small children


  • Laekjarbrekka is centrally located and offers a unique fine dining experience in Reykjavik.
  • The average three-course meal for one person costs IKr 4,500 (approx. US $65) including drink.
  • The menu has lots of traditional Icelandic food and the waiters are happy to assist when ordering.

Guide Review - Review: Restaurant Laekjarbrekka in Reykjavik

The dark elegant Laekjarbrekka house in Iceland's capital Reykjavik was built by a rich Danish merchant. It started out as a bakery shop in the 19th century and it still has that old time feel to it. Eating at the Laekjarbrekka offers Scandinavian elegance and traditional food in a nice atmosphere.

There's a cozy bar upstairs - under the roof - this is where you can go for the drink before or after dinner. The main restaurant downstairs is just as comfortable and homey, though. It offers a nice collection of eclectic ornaments, elegant embroidered tablecloths, and tapestries. You can hear piano music playing in the background, and see fresh roses and candles on the tables. A perfect setting for a romantic dinner and popular among honeymooners visiting Reykjavik.

The food is excellent. Laekjarbrekka offers traditional Icelandic fare ranging from lamb to lobster (the house speciality). A small downside of this restaurant may be that it is less suited for families with small children. However, for couples (especially on their honeymoon) this may very well be the most romantic restaurant in Reykjavik.

Location: Laekjarbrekka, Bankastraeti 2, Reykjavik. Phone: 551 4430.

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