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Top 6 Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark


Hungry? It is estimated that Copenhagen has more than 2,000 cafes and restaurants. Many of Copenhagen's restaurants and pubs are either in Tivoli Gardens or around Radhuspladsen (Town Hall Square), around the Central Railroad Station, or in Nyhavn. Here are several great restaurants in the Copenhagen area I like to recommend to visitors!

1. Ida Davidsen Restaurant (Danish Cuisine)

Ida Davidsen Restaurant
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Ida Davidsen is likely the most popular smørrebrød restaurant in the world. Family-owened in the fifth generation and frequented by the royal family, Ida Davidsen is the lunch spot in Copenhagen no visitor should miss. Ida Davidsen's most popular feature is the menu. More than 250 varieties of smørrebrød (and growing!) are served from behing a long bar where you can see and select the ingredients you want. Make reservations. Location: Store Kongensgade 70.

2. Peder Oxe's Restaurant (Danish Cuisine)

This classic and very popular Copenhagen restaurant is located in a 200 year-old building. In the basement, under the restaurant you will find Oxe's Vinkaelder (Wine Cellar). Mid-range pricing. Selections from the salad bar are so tempting that many prefer to enjoy salad alone. Main dishes include lobster soup, Danish bay shrimp, fresh asparagus, open-faced sandwiches, hamburgers, and of course fresh fish.

Location: Gråbrødretorv 11, Copenhagen. Phone: 33-11-00-77.


3. Restaurant Italiano (Italian Cuisine)

Restaurant Italiano in Copenhagen, Denmark
At the Italiano, you can find good italian food at very decent prices. This restaurant is patronized by lots of foreigners and by students from the University of Copenhagen. It offers a pleasant atmosphere for everyone, especially in the evenings when the Italiano has live music and can get quite busy. Both the service and the turnover are quick.

Location: Fiolstrade 2, Copenhagen. Phone: 33-11-12-95.

4. Slotskalderne or "Gitte Kik" (Scandinavian Cuisine)

A little difficult to find, but worth it. Regulars call the place "Gitte Kik," the name of the owner and granddaughter of the founder. Everything here adds up to hygge, a coziness that has attracted the prince of Denmark, the king and queen of Sweden, and the late Victor Borge. Try the marinated salmon, fresh tiny shrimp, or hot frikadeller! Reasonably priced.

Location: Fortunstrade 4, Copenhagen. Phone: 33-11-15-37.

5. The Kommandanten (French Cuisine)

The Kommandanten is a more elegant, higher-priced restaurant with French cuisine. The menu offers an array of classical dishes as well as innovative selections. The menu changes every 2 weeks. Before leaving, look at the three Andy Warhol originals of Margrethe II in the downstairs dining room. Feast on such delights as free-range pork and chanterelles, spring potatoes, etc.

Location: Ny Adelgade 7, Copenhagen. Phone: 33-12-09-90.

6. Khun Juk Oriental (Thai/Asian Cuisine)

Khun Juk Oriental in Boltens Gard is a stylish Thai restaurant, well-known for preparing traditional Thai food that is homemade from the very start. Here, spicy meets creamy and sweet, in soups as well as in steamed and grilled dishes. Added are spices like chilli, lime, basil or mint. Everything is homemade, which is why Khun Juk is also somewhat more expensive than most Thai restaurants on Vesterbro.

Location: Store Kongensgade 9, Copenhagen. Phone: 33-32-30-50.

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