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Top 4 Restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden


Looking for a good restaurant in Stockholm? Here you can find a list of several great restaurants for your trip to Sweden's capital Stockholm. There are several restaurants in the Stockholm area with both Swedish/Scandinavian and international cuisine that should be noted for great dining:

1. The Restaurangen in Stockholm

Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden

Reasonable prices and a unique experience - you're at the Restaurangen in Stockholm! Dishes are "tastes" (each built around a certain spice) and you can select 3, 5, or 7 tastes. Numers will help you select the perfect wine for your dish. The "tastes" are served individually on smaller plates so you can eat from all plates at the same time easily. Service here is very attentive and the atmosphere is cozy.

Location: Oxtorsgatan 14. Phone: +46 8 22 0952 (or reservation.restaurangen@telia.com)

2. Wendholm's Fisk in Stockholm

Feel like having fish? Dine at Wedholm's Fisk. Everything is freshly prepared to retain full flavor. The good food attracts lots of visitors. The location is near the water and at the edge of a delightful park, further adding to the quiet, relaxing dining experience. Don't miss out on the soups, they don't make them this good anywhere else - just like the fish! A restaurant to remember.

Location: Nybrokajen 17. Phone: +46 8 611 7874

3. The Kleins Restaurant in Stockholm

The Kleins is a small place in Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan). In the evening the tables are removed and the focus shifts to the bar. There, you should enjoy the tapas (on the bar menu). On the regular menu you will find delicious pasta dishes and wok creations, Scandinavian-style. Since this Stockholm restaurant is in a central location, you can take a break here while on your sightseeing or shopping trip.

Location: Kornhamstorg 51. Phone: +46 8 20 9945 (advance booking highly recommended)

4. Restaurant Narknoi in Stockholm

Great Thai cuisine in Scandinavia is no longer unusual. If your taste buds ask for Thai, just go to the Narknoi. The Narknoi offers excellent food at good prices, for example tasty satay, spring rolls with a spice sauce, and classic Thai soups. The curry spices might be somewhat strong - just let them know when you're ordering and they can cook to order. Weekends dinner only (no lunch) until 11 pm. Closed from 4-5 pm on weekdays.

Location: Odengatan 94. Phone: +46 8 30 7070

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