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Looking for a bed in Scandinavia? Common types of accommodation in Scandinavia are hotels, vacation rentals, and bed & breakfast places. Here you can find Scandinvian hotel reviews and accommodation tips for your trip to Scandinavia.
  1. Hotels in Sweden (8)
  2. Hotels in Denmark (7)
  3. Hotels in Norway (8)
  4. Hotels in Finland (3)
  5. Hotels in Iceland (4)

The Ice Hotels in Scandinavia
Ice Hotels in Scandinavia, with locations, hotel details and booking information for each ice hotel. All about the best ice hotels in Scandinavia.

Review: First Hotels in Scandinavia
The First Hotels are a Scandinavian Hotel Chain with 47 hotels in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Learn more in this hotel chain review of First Hotels in Scandinavia.

Scandic Hotel Chain Review
Review for Scandinavia's hotel chain Scandic.

Submit a Review of Hotels/Restaurants in Scandinavia
So you stayed at a Scandinavian hotel or ate at a restaurant in one of the Scandinavian countries and would like to submit a review? Post your hotel or restaurant reviews with this travel review submission guide online!

Share Your Favorite Ice Hotel
What's your favorite ice hotel? Which ice hotel is the best? Travelers post about their favorite ice hotel.

Camping in Scandinavia
No matter where you go camping in Scandinavia, the facilities and campsites are first-class in this camping-friendly region...

Vacation Rentals in Scandinavia
Vacation rentals in Scandinavia are fully furnished apartments which are a great alternative to an expensive hotel. Today, these vacation rentals are gaining popularity. In Scandinavia, there are countless places where you can find these homes.

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