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Staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Sweden


Mattisgarden Bed & Breakfast - Klippan, Sweden

Mattisgarden Bed & Breakfast - Klippan, Sweden

Mattisgarden Bed & Breakfast
Many budget travelers consider B&Bs to be the best choice for their stay in Scandinavia. Swedish Bed & Breakfast places are small, cozy places available at reasonable prices and can be found in all parts of Sweden - whether you spend your vacation in the cities Stockholm or Gothenburg, or a far more rural area. Find out here why a Swedish Bed & Breakfast is such a popular option for visitors, and where to book.

Old World Charm at B&Bs in Sweden:

The charm of Bed & Breakfasts comes from the individual style of all the different places, each different from the next and none of them alike. A B&B in extemely rural areas may not have modern facilities - and you might have to get your water in a bucket. The good news: there are also many up-to-date Bed & Breakfast inns which are fully equipped and offer hotel-style amenities.

Making Bed & Breakfast Reservations & Cancellations:

Booking nights in a Bed & Breakfast may not be the same process you are used to with popular hotel chains. You may be calling the house owner directly to make arrangements. Or, you can use one of the agencies listed further below. Remember that Bed & Breakfasts are usually run privately so reservation and cancellation policies can differ widely. If the B&B is not notified of a cancellation in time, they have the right to receive payment in full.

Getting Around:

In the cities and larger towns (e.g. at the ATUM Bed & Breakfast in Stockholm), you won't have a problem getting around due to Sweden's extensive public transportation network. If you are staying in more rural areas, you may wonder how to get around. Fortunately, most Bed & Breakfast places have thought of that as well and offer bicycle rentals and boats. Or, you can rent a car if you don't mind spending a little more.

Bed & Breakfast Reservations in Sweden:

These agencies specialize in helping you find a B&B and arrange for the reservations:

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