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The Ice Hotels in Scandinavia


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The Kirkenes Snow Hotel in Norway
Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway

Kirkenes SnowHotel in Norway

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The Snow Hotel in Norway is a very unique destination hotel with lots of room inside and beautifully lighted artwork made of snow. At the geographical location of the Snow Hotel, you experience the Polar Nights each winter from November 21 - January 21.

Starting in mid December, the Snow Hotel offers guests individual rooms called "Snow Suites". These 20+ guest rooms come with sleeping bags, mattresses, and - naturally - lots of snow and ice. In the morning, walk down to the sauna by the lake to warm up.

For rates and reservations, find out how to call Norway, and reach the Snow Hotel at +47 78 97 05 40. The Kirkenes Snow Hotel is one of the first Scandinavian ice hotels to open each winter season (which, of course, depends on the weather in Scandinavia).

There is a Snow Bar where guests mingle, and if you're hungry, visit the snow-free restaurant at the Snow Hotel for some good food. You'll also find a small sleeping area here for guests that have trouble sleeping in the Snow Suites.

The Kirkenes Snow Hotel is built by the same artists that construct the Lainio Snow Village in Finland.

Location of the Snow Hotel in Norway: The Snow Hotel is built in Kirkenes, a town in extreme northeastern Norway. There are direct flights to Kirkenes from Tromso and Oslo.

As a guest, you'll meet the Snow Hotel guide at the Rica Hotel Kirkenes (located in the very center of Kirkenes) at 6 pm, and he'll take you to the Snow Hotel. The hotel recommends to bring a small bag with your clothing and toiletries for the night. The bathrooms at the Snow Hotel are heated, but separated from the guest rooms.

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Website: Kirkenes SnowHotel Website

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