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The Ice Hotels in Scandinavia


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Bjorli Ice Lodge in Bjorli, Norway
Bjorli Ice Lodge in Bjorli, Norway

Bjorli Ice Lodge in Bjorli, Norway

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The Bjorli Ice Lodge is a luxurious ice hotel found in a national park in northern Norway by the Geirangerfjord. Lots of nature surrounds the Ice Lodge, with the river Rauma passing the mountains of Norway nearby.

This Norwegian Ice Lodge offers guests a large ice hotel building with Ice Suites - individually designed guest rooms with lots of icy artwork. When you relax in your sleeping bag at night, you will be amazed at the attention to detail in every room of this ice hotel. Depending on the weather in Scandinavia, the Ice Lodge is open from early January until April each year (usually, Bjorli Ice Lodge is the last ice hotel remaining open due to its high altitude).

The Bjorli Ice Lodge recommends that, "light sleepers should bring earplugs to block out the creaking of ice and howling of wolverines." Indeed, it is the nature and wildnerness around that give this ice hotel in Norway such a special character. You'll see plenty of moose and reindeer in this arctic environment.

To warm up, check out the Ice Lodge's Ice Bar where you can have a (mostly frozen) drink in glittering surroundings. If that doesn't get you warm enough, leave the ice hotel building and head over to the round fire hut or to Hotel Bjorligard.

Reservations at the Ice Lodge can be made by inquiry on their website. Ice hotel packages consist of only one night at the Ice Lodge; you'll spend the remaining nights at one of the hotels nearby. It's uncommon to stay at the ice hotel for several nights.

If you want to create your own trip, compare flight prices to Molde, Norway instead and then get a rental car in Molde. Location of the Ice Lodge in Bjorli: You can get to the town of Bjorli by driving 2 hours southwest of Molde or 3 hours southeast of Trondheim.

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