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The Ice Hotels in Scandinavia


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The Ice Hotel in Hunderfossen, Norway
Ice Hotel in Hunderfossen, Norway

Ice Hotel in Hunderfossen, Norway

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The Ice Hotel in Hunderfossen is a popular snow hotel (built more from snow than ice) in the region of Lillehammer, Norway.

Hunderfossen Ice Hotel is part of the popular Hunderfossen Winter Park, a sparkling white wonderland with the ice hotel, an ice bar, fairytale castle, ice cathedral (for weddings and mass), and multiple winter sport activities nearby.

Depending on each year's build, the Ice Hotel Hunderfossen houses an average of 25-35 guests at a time (groups of 10 or more can even rent the entire ice hotel). It opens in late December and remains open until early March, depending on the local weather in Norway. During high season, the Hunderfossen Ice Hotel also offers guided tours during the day for those who do not want to sleep in one of the ice hotel's rooms.

The room temperature at the Hunderfossen Ice Hotel is approximately -3° to -7°C. Sleeping bags on top of sheep skin ensure warmth and comfort. All guests of the Ice Hotel can use the facilities in Quality Hotel Hunderfossen.

Nightly rates at this ice hotel are very affordable compared to the other Scandinavian ice hotels. In order to iquire about current rates for this season and to book a room at this ice hotel, find out how to call Norway and contact the Hunderfossen Hotel by phone at +47 6127 4000. Or, send an e-mail to qr.hunderfossen@choice.no

To get to the Ice Hotel Hunderfossen, you can check current flights to Oslo, and then rent a car in Oslo and drive 2 hours north to Lillehammer.

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