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The Best Cheap Hotels in Helsinki, Finland


If you're trying to find cheap hotels in Helsinki, Finland, you've come to the right place. Here, travelers can compare prices of cheap hotels in Helsinki and book budget accommodation online right away!

Or, budget travelers can also compare all hotels in Helsinki here.

1. The Arthur Hotel in Helsinki

Hotel Arthur in Helsinki, Finland
The Arthur Hotel is quite large and can offer cheap prices considering its location in the middle of Helsinki, Finland. Travelers can reserve pet-friendly rooms and smoking rooms upon request. This cheap hotel in Helsinki also offers a variety of hotel services to travelers (currency exchange, internet, security, sauna, etc.)
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2. Park Hotel Kapyla in Helsinki

Park Hotel Kapyla in Helsinki, Finland
© Park Hotel Kapyla
Staying at the Park Hotel Kapyla in Helsinki is often considered an insider tip when budget travelers see the variety of guest services offered for cheap. If you want to stay fit, enjoy the indoor pool, the health club, or join other hotel guests jogging! Very friendly service, with restaurant and bar.
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3. Holiday Inn City West in Helsinki

Holiday Inn City West in Helsinki, Finland
© Holiday Inn City West
The Holiday Inn in the western part of Helsinki is a good choice among cheap hotels in Helsinki. The Holiday Inn West is located very close to Helsinki's city center and has DSL/Wifi access, amenities such as a free Sauna, fitness area, minibars, safe deposit boxes and an international restaurant downstairs with good food. This is a great cheap hotel in Helsinki.
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4. Airport Hotel Bonus Inn near Helsinki

Airport Hotel Bonus Inn at Helsinki Vantaa Airport
© Airport Hotel Bonus Inn
Just about 25 minutes away from Helsinki, right next to Helsinki's Vantaa airport, is the Airport Hotel Bonus Inn. This is a cheap, but good basic hotel with fitness area, restaurant and internet access and is pet-friendly. A great budget accommodation when your Finland flight arrives late at night or if you're on a quick stopover and looking for a cheap hotel in Helsinki that is close to the airport!
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5. Cumulus Olympia Hotel in Helsinki

Cumulus Olympia Hotel in Helsinki, Finland
© Cumulus Olympia Hotel
One of the smaller cheap hotels in Helsinki, the Cumulus Olympia Hotel focuses on a friendly atmosphere and attentive service. The cheaper rooms are small, but comfortable and very colorful. There's a restaurant and a bar here, and this Helsinki hotel also has its own health club! Pets allowed, very helpful hotel services staff.
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