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The Best Cheap Hotels in Oslo, Norway


If you're thinking about visiting Oslo on your next Norwegian vacation and don't want to spend too much on accommodation, try these cheap hotels in Oslo - they are the value-priced top picks for budget travelers in Norway's capital Oslo.

1. Thon Hotel Munch in Oslo

Very clean and low-priced accommodation along with great location make this hotel another good choice in the "value hotels" list. Hotel Munch is one of Oslo's cheaper hotels offering a nice balance between quality accommodation and lower rates compared to other 3-star hotels in Oslo. Very central - but still quiet - location, which I have always liked very much.

Location: Munchsgate 5, Oslo.

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2. Best Western Hotel Bondeheimen in Oslo

Hotel Bondeheimen is not on a busy street, but still in a central location. The 127 rooms are decorated individually and all are somewhat different, making every stay interesting. Shopping is possibly right next door, in case you do get bored. The hotel itself is very clean and bright. The breakfast buffet should not be missed! Online booking available.

Location: 8 Rosenkranzgate (Downtown), Oslo 0159 (Oslo street map).

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3. First Hotel Millennium in Oslo

The three-star hotel "First Hotel Millennium" is the favorite of many regular visitors to Oslo, and often considered a secret travel tip. This clean and elegant hotel offers great service and has top amenities such as wi-fi in the guest rooms, pet-friendliness, and even child care!

Location: Tollbugt 25, Oslo (Oslo street map).

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4. Anker Hostel Oslo

The Anker Hostel is a quality budget hotel in Oslo, in a quieter neighborhood but with lots of amenities nearby. And, it's only a 10 minute walk to go downtown. The restaurant and bar in this Oslo hotel are wonderful and can only be recommended, especially at the low prices they offer.

Location: Storgata 55 in Oslo.

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5. Thon Hotel Stefan in Oslo

Hotel Stefan is a cheap value hotel in Oslo that offers smaller rooms at lower prices. If you wake up easily, ask for a room towards the back of the buildung as it can get a little noisy at the front. Breakfast here is basic, but sufficient for a budget hotel. In addition, very friendly English-speaking staff make this place number three on our top picks list of value hotels. Online booking available.

Location: 1 Rosenkrantzgate, Oslo 0159.

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