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The Best Hotels in Bergen, Norway


So you're thinking about getting a hotel in Bergen, Norway. Is your idea of great accommodation a quality hotel with good nightly rates? Then you have come to the right place to find a hotel in Bergen. Here are our favorite hotels:

1. Clarion Hotel Admiral

Clarion Hotel Admiral, Bergen
Clarion Hotel Admiral, Bergen
Located in a traditional marine warehouse dating from the turn of the century, the Admiral Hotel in Bergen is very unique. Make sure to book in advance as this hotel is known - and loved - for its great views (on three sides of the hotel!), friendly staff, and reasonable pricing...
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2. The Augustin Hotel

Augustin Hotel, Bergen
Augustin Hotel, Bergen
If you're looking for a privately-owned hotel in Bergen, consider Hotel Augustin. Part of the charming Hotel Augustin, the restaurant is well known in Bergen. It is a long low traditional room with modern furniture in Scandinavian styles. The hotel also has a cellar bar that is popular amongst locals and considered an insider tip amongst Bergen travelers!
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3. Det Hanseatiske Hotel

Hanseatiske Hotel in Bergen, Norway
© Hanseatiske Hotel, Bergen
Det Hanseatiske Hotel in Bergen is very cozy, with lots of woodwork and smaller rooms. This is a great place to spend your nights during your vacation. The rooms differ from each other quite a bit, so you won't be bored on your second stay in this Bergen hotel. Very close to the Torget.
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