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Scandinavia in July


The Midnight Sun In Norway - Scandinavia

Midnight Sun, Norway © NOAA.GOV


The Month of July:

July in Scandinavia is probably the most popular month for travelers due to the nice weather this time of year. Plus, outdoor activities are all open now, even though it might get a little crowded sometimes. Since July is such a popular month for Scandinavia travel, it also means high prices for visitors. The best way to avoid overpaying high-season prices is to book several months ahead. Going to Scandinavia in July is great for first-time visitors, too - and make sure to learn about the Midnight Sun!

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The Weather in July:

Scandinavia in July is a favorite among travelers since it is nice and warm during the day and mild at night, even near the ocean. Average daily temperatures this month range from 55 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Meanwhile, Iceland averages 50 - 60 degrees. For details on your destination's weather and the monthly average temperatures in Scandinavia's big cities, visit Weather in Scandinavia!

July shows travelers one of Scandinavia's natural phenomena: the Midnight Sun. This is a beautiful weather phenomena that keeps the sun in the sky at night.

July Activities & Events:

Public Holidays in July:

Holidays can affect your travel through business closures, more crowds, etc. Fortunately, there are no national holidays/bank holidays in Scandinavia in July.

Packing Tips for Scandinavia in July:

Short sleeves are perfectly fine for travel during summer in Scandinavia. In case travelers hit bad weather, they should always carry a comfortable sweater or a cardigan/light jacket, though. This layers clothing easily and is comfortable. Travelers with a destination in Iceland will have to bring warmer clothing. Furthermore, weatherproof raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the season, are always a good idea for Scandinavia travelers to bring along. Tough and comfortable shoes are also essential for your vacation if you enjoy outdoor activities. Otherwise, sneakers will be fine for city travel.

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