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Scandinavia in June


Frederiksborg Castle Garden

Frederiksborg Castle Garden

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The Month of June:

Scandinavia in June is truly beautiful and June is the favorite month of many Scandinavia travelers. June warms Scandinavia up nicely and brings summer weather (and countless open-air events). Summer activities are open and Scandinavia's parks and gardens are never prettier than in June. However, as the summer begins, travel prices may climb. Nice June weather lets you take a swim in the sea - and if you prefer skinny-dipping, find out more about nudism in Scandinavia.

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The Weather in June:

Scandinavia in June offers travelers a big warm-up in a relatively short time but it might get a little windy along the coast. Average daily temperatures this month range from 52-68 degrees Fahrenheit in Scandinavia's southern half, and 46-60 degrees in Iceland and extreme northern parts of Sweden and Norway. For exact temperatures at your Scandinavian destination and monthly averages, visit Weather in Scandinavia!

June brings one of Scandinavia's natural phenomena with it, in which northern Scandinavia is bathed in sunlight all night long: the Midnight Sun.

June Activities & Events:

National Holidays in June:

Holidays can affect your travel through business closures, etc. Here are the national holidays in Scandinavia for June:

More national holidays and annual events are listed in Scandinavia's National Holidays & Festivals.

Packing Tips For June Trips:

Light coats are great for travel during early/mid summer in Scandinavia. Mornings and nights can still be a little windy in some parts and it is generally advisable to bring along a comfortable sweater and a cardigan or two (or 1-2 light jackets). That way, you can layer clothing easily and comfortably. Travelers with a destination in Iceland need to bring warmer clothing. Furthermore, weatherproof raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the season, are always a good idea for Scandinavia travelers to bring along. Tough and comfortable shoes are also essential for your vacation if you enjoy outdoor activities.

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