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Scandinavia in May


Fields In Norway's Nature

Fields In Norway's Nature

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The Month of May:

Scandinavia in May is truly beautiful. The month of May brings Scandinavia warmer spring temperatures while travelers can still enjoy off-season travel pricing and few crowds. The nice thing in May in Scandinavia is that most summer activities are now open to visitors and Scandinavia's parks and gardens awake with greenery and blooms.

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The Weather in May:

May weather in Scandinavia brings warmer, milder temperatures. The average daily temperatures this month range from 47 - 63 degrees Fahrenheit (40 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Iceland). For exact temperatures at your Scandinavian destination and monthly averages, visit Weather in Scandinavia!

Unfortunately, in May it is unlikely you will be able to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) any longer. However, summertime in Scandinavia brings with it its own Scandinavian natural phenomenon: the Midnight Sun!

Popular May Events in Scandinavia:

Public Holidays in May:

Packing Tips for May Trips:

Lighter coats are great for travel during the spring months in Scandinavia. Since mornings and nights can still be rather cold, it is advisable to bring along sweaters, cardigans, or jackets, so you can layer clothing easily and comfortably. Travelers with a destination in Iceland still need to bring warmer clothing. Furthermore, weatherproof raincoats and windbreakers, regardless of the season, are always a good idea for Scandinavia travelers to bring along. Tough and comfortable shoes are also essential for your vacation if you want to enjoy outdoor activities.

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