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When to Go to Scandinavia

What's the Best Time to Go to Scandinavia?


Wondering when to go to Scandinavia? The summer months aren't always the best choice when to go to Scandinavia. Find out what are the best times to visit Scandinavia depending on local weather, events, and activities, or when to go to Scandinavia if you're on a budget.

1. When to Go to Sweden

Summer by the sea, Sweden - Scandinavia
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Sweden actually has three great times of the year that are completely different from each other, and all cater to a different type of traveler. Find out which month of the year is the best pick for your travel plans to Sweden and how to avoid the crowds!

2. When to Go to Norway

Hiking in Aurland, Norway
Pål Bugge/Innovation Norway
Norway is one of the parts of Scandinavia that are great destinations both in the summer and in the winter. Nevertheless, there are two months that stick out above the rest when it comes to the best time to travel to Norway.

3. When to Go to Finland

Why May and June are good, but July and August are bad for visiting Finland. And don't forget about those countless things Finland lets you experience only in the depth of winter...

4. When to Go to Denmark

Ringkøbing Fjord
C.v.Roeden / Visit Denmark
Denmark has one particular month in the summer that's simply perfect for every kind of traveler - but there is an alternative available. And when should you go in order to avoid Denmark's high travel season? Read more here.

5. When to Go to Iceland

The Size of the Blue Lagoon
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Most guess that the summer months are best for going to Iceland...but not so fast! Did you know there are several unique and beautiful things that you can only get in Iceland's winter, and really cheap at that?

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