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Denmark Culture 101


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What's Behind Denmark's Culture
Ringkøbing Fjord

Ringkøbing Fjord

C.v.Roeden / Visit Denmark
Denmark's culture and society stems from long history and an ethnically homogeneous people. In Denmark, culture can be described through these three aspects of Danish life: Simplicity, politeness, and propriety.

A simple life is the essence of the culture of Denmark. Not much weight is given to possessions or high income, and bragging is considered to be quite rude.

When meeting citizens of Denmark, culture is a big part of the type of polite greetings you will witness. Introductions are often made on a first-name basis with a handshake. Don't be the one to sit beside a stranger in a bus, or to initiate a conversation with a local - Danish culture views this as being somewhat disrespectful.

Women and men are equal in today's culture in Denmark, and receive equal pay and promotions. Paid maternity leave is available for approx. 10 months. The culture in Denmark has come to grow a happy and peaceful people willing to pay the world's highest taxes in return for solid coverage of health care, unemployment, and many other social services provided by the Danish government.

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