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Norway Culture 101 - The Culture of Norway Illustrated


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Norway Culture 101
Bunad National Costume in Norway

Bunad National Costume in Norway

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Norway's culture is a melting pot of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures. The modern culture of Norway shows an egalitarian country focused on fairness, open-mindedness, and equal rights.

As a matter of fact, today's culture in Norway has many couples living together without being officially married. In business, women are highly respected and generally receive equal pay and promotions. Paid maternity leave is available for up to a year.

The culture in Norway has come to grow an educated, democratic Norwegian people willing to pay high taxes in return for the government's support with health care, unemployment, and other social issues.

Part of Norway's culture are the traditional costume, folklore and folk music in Norway, and cultural foods and celebrations, all of which we'll illustrate on the following pages about Norway's culture.

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