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Nightlife & Nightclubs in Reykjavik, Iceland


Scandinavian Flags

Scandinavian Flags

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In Iceland, the partying starts rather late (bars/clubs get busy after midnight)! People often begin the evening meeting at someone's house before they head downtown. (City Street Maps)

There are countless bars, nightclubs, pubs, and late-night restaurants in Iceland's capital - you can spend the whole night going from one place to another! You can save money at many locations by using the Iceland Travel Discount Card.

The distinction between cafés, pubs, bars and clubs is far from clear in Reykjavik, with many daytime cafés turning into tightly packed bars and clubs as the night goes on. Many are open until late (five in the morning) and it is not uncommon to spend all night on the town on Friday and Saturday nights.

Most bars and clubs don't charge an entrance fee (the larger ones generally do, with live music).

People say that the beer tastes so great in Iceland because the water is so pure and clean. True or not, the fact remains that the beer here is good. Beer was prohibited in Iceland until 1989, but since then pub culture has definitely been making up for lost time - wow!

In recent years, the city of Reykjavik has become popular in the nightlife and music scene. Reykjavik has a very eclectic music scene (not just Bjork and Sigur Ros.) The scene is made up of many different genres from hardcore punk rock and indie to classical chamber music and hip-hop. There are lots of music events.

When it comes to GLBT, there are some great welcoming locations for gay nightlife in Reykjavik.

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