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Top 3 Copenhagen Clubs & Bars


Though the Danish capital Copenhagen offers a great variety of nightlife, there are three nightlife venues that should not be missed. Copenhagen's discos and clubs tend to get going very late, so many clubbers choose to spend time before then in the Copenhagen's "pre-club" bars. Good pre-club bars are the Stereo Bar and Ideal Bar. But afterwards, the real Copenhagen nightlife can be experienced at these places:

1. Copenhagen's Nightlife at the Hybrid Bar "Aura"

In Copenhagen, the popular way to have fun at night are the so-called 'hybrid bars'. It's a combination of restaurant, bar, and club and changes the layout of the nightlife location depending on the time of day or night! One of these nightlife locations in Copenhagen is the Aura at Nytorv. Very long dinner courses available.

Location: Radhusstraede 4, 1411 Copenhagen.
Phone: +33 36 50 60. (City Street Maps)

2. Nightlife in Copenhagen at Olsen Restaurant & Bar

A wonderful location for nightlife in Copenhagen is Restaurant Olsen, found by the old canal (near Christiansborg Palace). Olsen has a very interesting and varied menu and an Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the bar becomes very lively and remains open until 2 am.

Location: Ved Stranden 18, 1061 Copenhagen.
Phone: +33 14 64 00.
Restaurantchef: René Lundholm. (City Street Maps)

3. Nightlife on the Boat "Viva" in Copenhagen

It's neat to spend a night on a boat, just for eating out and having some drinks. Copenhagen's nightlife on a boat? Visit Viva, a boat restaurant in Copenhagen with outdoor seating, a cocktail bar, and a lounge area. The Viva is open until 1 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Location: Langebro Kaj 570, 1411 Copenhagen.
Phone: +27 25 05 05. (City Street Maps)

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