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Nightlife in Bergen: The Best Clubs & Bars


Get ready for some great nightlife in Bergen, Norway. The Nightlife in Bergen offers hot entertainment in Bergen's numerous clubs, bars, and other places to go clubbing and partying - and here are the four best locations:

1. Zachen Piano Bar

This bar in Bergen is one of Norway's best piano bars. The view is wonderful, showing you part of the fjord. At this bar, nightlife fans of all ages come together to party, karaoke, and listen to live piano music (except Mon/Tue).

Nightlife Location: Torget 2, Bergen. Phone: 55-55-96-42.

2. The Fincken

Fincken is the oldest place for gay nightlife in Bergen. If you want to party - no matter what your orientation is - you can't miss this place with its lively atmosphere and friendly staff. Or, find out more about Scandinavia for Gays & Lesbians first, if you're unsure.

Nightlife Location: Nygaardsgaten 2a, Bergen.

3. Dyvekes Vinkjellar

For less partying but more upscale-feeling nightlife in Bergen, visit this popular wine bar. Dyvekes Vinkjellar offers a medieval looking wine cellar year-round, and a very nice outdoor terrace that both visitors and locals love in the months with warmer weather in Norway.

Nightlife Location: Hollendergaten, Bergen. Phone: 55-32-30-60. (City Street Maps)

4. Metro Bar & Metro Lounge

Located in the middle of Bergen, this place gets crowded fast. The Metro has a relatively young crowd clubbing here, and has been called "the hippest place in town". After mignight, there is always a line outside, so dress up a little and get in early.

Nightlife Location: Ole Bulls Plass 4, Bergen.

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