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Nightlife in Gothenburg

Gothenburg's Top Nightlife Bars & Clubs


Gothenburg's nightlife is one of the hottest nightlife scenes in Sweden...and here are the top nightclubs and bars if you want to experience the local nightlife of Gothenburg!

1. Bars & Clubs in the Avenyn & Vasagatan District

These are the top areas in Gothenburg for nightlife lovers. There are countless bars and clubs in the areas of Avenyn and Vasagatan - too many to list! It's certain that no matter what kind of bar or club you're looking for, you'll find suitable nightlife in this part of Gothenburg. (City Street Maps)

2. Nightclubs & Dance Clubs in Gothenburg

Gothenburg's nightlife includes quite a few top-of-the-line dance clubs. Going clubbing? If you want to dance away the night to rhythmic beats and techno, definitely try these nightlife hotspots in Gothenburg: Deep Nattklubb at Kungsportsavenyen 15, Glow Night Club at Kungsportsavenyen 8, ParkLane at Kungsportsavenyn 38, or the BLVD Nightclub at Storgatan 47.

3. Great Pubs & Bars in Gothenburg

The nightlife scene in Gothenburg, Sweden has long ago started to appreciate good times in a little pub, or a familiar face at the bar late at night. When you feel like having a beer or two in friendly surroundings, check out these unique bars and pubs in Gothenburg: Bitter Bar & Matsal at Linnégatan 59, The Dubliner at Östra Hamngatan 50B, Bishop’s Arms at Västra Hamngatan 3 and Avenyn 36, or the Lounge Göteborg at Avenyn 5.

4. Gay Nightlife in Gothenburg

Where to go to meet other GLBTs in Gothenburg? The nightlife here offers several places you might want to check out - even if you're not gay! Good locations are the Gossip Bar & Kök at Parkgatan 13, Gretas Night Club at Drottninggatan 35, SLM Leather Club at Första Långgatan 32, or visit the nightly parties at the LGBT-Center Habit at Stora Badhusgatan 6. (City Street Maps)

5. Nightlife at Casino Cosmopool

Casino Cosmopool offers Swedish nightlife in elegant Casino-style. Gothenburg's Cosmopool is one of four Cosmopool casinos in Sweden. The nightlife here includes good food, popular poker tournaments, and varying entertainment. Location: Packhusplatsen 7 in Gothenburg. The minimum age to get in is 20, and the use of cell phones or cameras is not allowed.
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