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Nightlife in Malmo: Malmo's Best Nightlife Locations


Looking for the nightlife scene in Malmo? Well, Malmo offers countless bars and clubs in different styles, so you're sure to find something good. Most clubs stay open until 3 am or 5 am - nightlife starts late here. Let's take a look at the best local nightlife in Malmo in this "best of" list of local nightlife...

1. Slagthuset Nightclub in Malmo

Slagthuset in Malmo, Sweden, is Scandinavia's largest night club! The name means "slaughter house" in English. This night club has 3 dance floors and the party is on every weekend. You can find this young and crowded club at Jörgen Kocksgatan 7 A, behind Malmo's Central Station. (City Street Maps)

2. Club Skeppsbron in Malmo

Located at Skeppsbron 2 in Malmo, this is a popular dance club for a more mature audience. Club Skeppsbron also offers good food and a nice view onto the canal. Unfortunately, it's open only on Saturdays from 10 pm - 5 am. 100 SEK to get in.

3. Malmo's Buddha Lounge

The Buddha Lounge is part fashionable night club, part interesting restaurant and bar in Malmo. On 3 levels you can either dance on the dance floor in the center, or lounge around the couches, sofas, and beds along the walls. Decent food! 100 SEK admission, don't bring knives (they use a metal detector). You'll find this nightclub at Djäknegatan 9 in Malmo. (City Street Maps)

4. Gay Nightlife in Malmo: The Wonk

A same-sex melting pot in Malmo is the Wonk nightclub, Malmo's biggest gay club. Drag queens get in free and they play house and Swedish music. The club attracts all ages and genders, and is located at Adelgatan 2 in central Malmö.

5. Moosehead Bar at Lilla Torg in Malmo

Lilla Torg is Malmo's center of restaurants and bars. Here you can find Moosehead Bar, a friendly but loud Swedish bar at Lilla Torget 1. Lots of wood and moose decorating details give you an indication of what this place is famous for: original, juicy burgers made from either beef or moose meat! It's Scandinavian food well worth trying.

6. Casino Cosmopol in Malmo

In the mood for some casino gambling tonight? Visit the Cosmopol in Malmo, located at Kungsparken. One of the largest Swedish casinos, the Cosmopol has slot machines and traditional table games. Don't under-dress yourself with jeans or sweat pants. 30 SEK admission. The casino restaurant Carte Blanche is pretty good, too.

7. Club Étage in Malmo

Étage is an interesting Swedish nightclub offering two different styles of music: Dance to classics on one dance floor, and to current dance beats on the other! Open Monday and Thursday through Saturday and can be found at Stortorget 6 in Malmo.

8. Big Bowl

Let's go bowling at Big Bowl, Malmo's hangout for bowling, dining, gaming, and even dancing (9 pm - 2 am on the weekends). I like this place because it offers several fun things to do. The restaurant also offers good food at reasonable prices. You can find Big Bowl at Förstadsgatan 32 in Malmo. (City Street Maps)

9. Wallmans Golden Hits in Malmo

Wallmans Golden Hits is a Swedish dining experience hard to describe. Found at Generalsgatan 1 in Malmo, Wallmans is a combination of dinner shows with good food, cabaret entertainment, and dancing in the fever of Malmo's nightlife. Ticket prices vary by nightly shows and program. Open 6 pm - 1 am.

10. Malmo's Heartbreak Nightclub

At the Heartbreak, you'll find an easy-going crowd that's around 25-35, dancing on the two dance floors to (not only Swedish) modern rock and dance music. The Heartbreak club is located at Södergatan 16 and opens its doors every Friday through Sunday.
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