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Scandinavia Travel Planning 101

How to plan a vacation in one of Scandinavia's countries? Plan your Scandinavia trip with country profiles, weather, practical travel tips, destination information, and much more.
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7 Things To Do Before You Go to Scandinavia
Before you travel to Scandinavia, make sure you all of these things have been crossed off your "to do" list for your trip...

Scandinavia with Kids
Traveling to Scandinavia with your kids? If you've never been to Scandinavia, you may be unsure if it's a family-friendly destination. Find out what makes Scandinavia so kid-friendly.

How Safe is Scandinavia?
When it comes to travel safety, Scandinavia is one of the best and safest destinations in the world. Follow these links to articles on how to stay safe in each Scandinavian country...

Top 10 Scandinavian Cruises
Which Scandinavian cruise is right for you? Let us help you find your perfect Scandinavian cruise and directly compare cruise length and prices...

Customs Regulations in Scandinavia
When you're arriving in Scandinavia, there are customs regulations and rules that differ from country to country. Here's what you need to know to pass customs in Scandinavia without problems or unnecessary customs taxes.

Scandinavia Fast Facts
Not sure where to begin learning more about Scandinavia? It's easy - start with this practical overview for some fast facts and important information about Scandinavia...

Countries Of Scandinavia
What and where is Scandinavia? Introductory information on Scandinavia and the countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland.

Reasons to Visit Scandinavia
Why should travelers visit Scandinavia? Here you will find the most popular reasons to visit Scandinavia, along with further travel tips. Read why Scandinavia should be your next destination, too...

The Capitals of Scandinavia
What are Scandinavia's capitals? A great travel article on your city destination for all Scandinavia visitors. Learn about Scandinavia's biggest cities in this travel-oriented overview with city tips and useful information.

Weather in Scandinavia
The weather in Scandinavia in most parts is generally mild and pleasant. Scandinavia's climate varies from north to south and from west to east.

Camping in Scandinavia
No matter where you go camping in Scandinavia, the facilities and campsites are first-class in this camping-friendly region...

How to Call Scandinavia
No matter where you are, if you're unsure how to make a call to Scandinavia simply follow these step-by-step guides to call Scandinavia...

Scandinavia Trip Planning Basics
Travel tips before you start planning your trip to Scandinavia - general information and need-to-know answers to common questions.

Travel Guide Books For Scandinavia
These are the travel books to guide every traveler's Scandinavian tour or vacation in Scandinavia. These recommended travel books contain information on all the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland).

Toilets in Scandinavia
No traveler can avoid using toilets, and it's better to know in advance what to expect. Here are some essential tips for using toilets in each Scandinavian country...

Scandinavia Language Information
These languages are spoken in the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), the Faroe Islands, Iceland and (to some extent) Greenland.

What is Scandinavia and what are the Nordic Countries?
What is the difference between Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries? Find out here when Scandinavians use which term and learn more about how these terms were created.

Scandinavia's Monthly Events Calendar, Typical Weather & Planning Tips
No matter when you will visit Scandinavia, be prepared for the national holidays, typical weather, major events and seasonal activities. The month-by-month calendar offers climate info, packing tips and more. This is also a great guide to choosing the timing of your next Scandinavian vacation!

What Is The EEA: Which Countries Are EEA Countries?
What is the EEA? Which countries are EEA countries? Learn what and where the European Economic Area is, and what makes it different from the EU (European Union).

Safety Hints for Your Visit to Scandinavia
The most important things to keep in mind during your visit to Scandinavia.

Visiting Copenhagen and Stockholm
Visiting Copenhagen and Stockholm gives travelers two of Scandinavia's most attractive cities in one trip. Here's how to combine Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Electrical Outlets in Scandinavia
Which type of electrical outlets are used in Scandinavia? Here's a list of the electrical outlet types you'll find in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and other countries...

Electrical Outlets in Denmark
Are you travelling to Denmark? If you're taking any electronics or electrical items, you should have information on the kind of electrical outlets they use.

Electrical Outlets in Iceland
Electricity in Iceland. Your electronics and electrical items come with a different plug from the typical electrical outlets in Iceland.

Electrical Outlets in Norway
If the electrical prongs in your device's power cord do not match that in Norway you will need adapter plugs to be able to plug your device into electrical power outlets in Norway.

Electrical Outlets in Sweden
Sweden employs a Type C & F plug named Europlug for its electrical supply. These plugs have two round prongs and the outlets give out 220 volts for all electronic device usage

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