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The Monthly Calendars for Scandinavia Travelers


Beach by the arctic sea in Ramberg, Lofoten, Norway.
Franz Aberham/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Make sure to find out what the typical weather is during your travels, and get acquainted with Scandinavian holidays and seasonal events and activities. This travel planner can help provide month-specific information regarding climate, things to do, packing tips and much more. Or, use this guide to select the time of your next trip!

If you enjoy winter sports but are on a tight budget, come to the Scandinavian countries in January. The holidays are over and things start to calm down again. For travelers, this means lower prices, less tourism, and fewer crowds. In Norway, you can now experience Polar Nights. Read more: Scandinavia in January

Now that the winter travel season has quieted down, February travelers will be able to save quite a bit - but it is also Scandinavia's coldest month, in the North with constant freezing! February is great for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, and to see the Northern Lights are very frequent this month. Read more: Scandinavia in February

The month of March in Scandinavia is great for late-season snow lovers and slowly starts to reanimate Scandinavia's beautiful greenery with longer days and warmer temperatures. There still are several weeks to see the Northern Lights. Find out more about visiting Scandinavia in March!

April is a favorite for many Scandinavia travelers - not only due to the low travel prices this month. Typically mild spring weather, long days and the Northern Lights until late April attract early birds. April weather details, packing tips and more can be found in Scandinavia in April.

Scandinavia is beautiful in May; you can now see more greenery and parks in spring bloom and travel prices are still low. May weather is milder, attractions are opening, and there are many music festivals this month - learn more month-specific travel tips for May in Scandinavia in May!

Scandinavia in June: countless open-air events and outdoor attractions along with warmer weather make June a favorite for many. This month opens the summer travel season in Scandinavia. In addition, there is the Midnight Sun. What else is happening in June? Take a look at Scandinavia in June.

July is a wonderful month for traveling if you don't mind a few crowds here and there - it is a very popular month for tourists in Scandinavia. Also, make sure to see the Midnight Sun. Take a look at Scandinavia in July to find out much more.

Spending your vacation in Scandinavia in August? Find out here what events take place during August, what kind of weather you can expect, what kind of clothing to bring, and much more! The article about Scandinavia in August is found here: Scandinavia in August.

With mild weather and sinking travel costs after the summer, September is a quiet month. Learn about the pros and cons along with average temperatures, September events, and packing tips...in Scandinavia in September.

Scandinavia is truly beautiful in October, giving the traveler plenty of photo opportunities. While still relatively warm, flight prices and hotel rates are now low, just like tourist crowds. Read more: Scandinavia in October

The start of the Scandinavian winter season is now here, bringing with it the opening of ski resorts and many other winter activities. Travel costs are very low this month as the Christmas rates are not yet charged. Now snow transforms Scandinavia into a chilly winter wonderland. Read more: Scandinavia in November

December is a great month for a winter vacation in one of the Scandinavian countries - and you will also experience many seasonal celebrations and Christmas Scandinavian-style. Cozy evenings in a festive mood certainly make up for fewer hours of daylight. Now opportunities abound to observe the mysterious northern lights (Aurora Borealis)! Read more: Scandinavia in December


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