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Scandinavia for Gays & Lesbians


The Stockholm Pride Week (annual GLBT event) in Sweden.

The Stockholm Pride Week (annual GLBT event) in Sweden.


You won't be able to find another travel destination as gay-friendly as Scandinavia. Scandinavia is more open-minded than any other region, making it the perfect destination for gays and lesbians.

The Big Cities:

Denmark's capital Copenhagen and Sweden's capital Stockholm are the most popular Scandinavian "hot spots" for gay and lesbian travelers. No matter what your sexual orientation, whether you come to Scandinavia as a couple or are traveling by yourself, in these cities you will feel welcome. There are countless events to see and places to visit for the same-sex oriented.

Copenhagen, Denmark:

Denmark was the very first country to introduce same-sex marriage in 1989, and this kind of acceptance is still felt everywhere in the Danish capital. Copenhagen is home to the annual Pride Week, Queer Festival, and Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. And just across the Oresund Bridge from Copenhagen, Malmo, Sweden holds the annual Rainbow Festival in mid-September, including 10 days of art exhibitions, non-stop drag shows, disco nights, dancing and parading.

Centered in Copenhagen's old town, the city's gay/lesbian scene can provide virtually the entire evening's spectrum of entertainment and fun within a square kilometer. The first gay bar ("Centralhjørnet") opened over 80 years ago, and is still going strong - along with a wealth of other newer cafes and bars. Copenhagen even boasts it own gay radio station, Radio Rosa.

Stockholm, Sweden:

Stockholm has become famous for its wide range of cultural offerings. The annual and very popular Pride Festival (first week of August) has given the city that boost of selfconfidence and pride needed for taking up the challenge from other traditional gay resorts and making Stockholm "Gay Capital of Scandinavia".

In contrast to other cities' isolated parades, Stockholmers celebrate their Pride Festival for a whole week, with a jam-packed program during summer evenings, seminars and exhibitions, a film festival, theater and a large festival area open during the day. Or, visit the island of Långholmen...by Frescati (next to Stockholm University) you´ll find droves of sun-worshipping gay men at the beach, clothed or not (also see Nudism in Scandinavia).

GLBT Events in Scandinavia:

Taking the "All-Gay Scandinavian Romance Cruise":

Every year, GayTravel offers an 11-day Scandinavia/Russia cruise in from late June to early July. This wonderful cruise is for men only and the ship MS Rotterdam will lead travelers across the Baltic Sea to Sweden, Finland, and even Russia. Or, you can compare other Northern European cruises here. Have fun!

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