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Camping in Scandinavia

Want to Go Camping in Scandinavia?


No matter where you go camping in Scandinavia, the facilities and campsites are first-class in this camping-friendly region.

To get a campsite, make sure to purchase a Camping Card Scandinavia (valid in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) before you go camping, or at the first campsite you visit. It's reasonably priced and is valid for the whole year. There are discounts for single overnight stays, and groups of 5+ campers.

Camping in Sweden

Camping in Scandinavia
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There are camping areas all over Sweden, many in the midst of Scandinavian wilderness. If you want to go camping in Sweden, you have the choice among more than 600 camping sites both for tents and vehicles/RVs/caravans. Camping in Sweden, as in all of Scandinavia, is of high standard. Most campgrounds have recreational areas for campers. Quite a few camping locations are open year-round.

The Camping Card Scandinavia (SEK 125) lets you camp in Sweden easily. The "Camping Card International" is also accepted at many campgrounds in Sweden. In Sweden, it is permitted to camp in free nature (camping on private property and having camp fires is restricted.)

Nudists in Scandinavia can get camping locations from the Swedish Naturist Federation.

Camping in Denmark

Kids on a Hoppepude in Denmark
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If there was a favorite "camping country" in Scandinavia, it would be Denmark. Here, camping is second nature. Camping in Denmark has many advantages: facilities are of high standard and there are a variety of Danish camping locations along the coast, in forest areas, and even close to cities. Many have activities for kids. Camping outside of camping sites is NOT allowed in Denmark.

A Camping Card Scandinavia is needed to get a campsite. Camping in Denmark generally costs DKK 45-65 per night during the high season and is cheaper in spring and autumn, naturally. Pets are allowed at most Danish campsites but may cost extra at campgrounds in Denmark.

Denmark also has nudist camping, visit the Danish Naturist Union for more information.

Camping in Norway

Norwegian fields, cliffs, sea
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Camping in Norway can be very breathtaking, or entirely relaxing - depending on your location. There are campsites everywhere in Norway, with lots of room for tents and vehicles, and cute cabins (or cottages) for rent. Campsites in Norway are rated 1-5 stars by Norwegian accommodation classifier RBL.

In Norway, you can camp anywhere outside of towns (except on farmland) for 48 hours max, without open fires in summer. If you're heading for one of the campgrounds in Norway, get the Camping Card Scandinavia mentioned above. Pet-owning campers note: Because of rabies, it's not allowed to bring animals into Norway.

There are three nudist locations in Norway - contact the Norwegian Naturist Federation (NNF) at +47 959 64 689.

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