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How Safe is Scandinavia?

Learn How Safe Scandinavia Truly Is...


When it comes to travel safety, Scandinavia is one of the best and safest destinations in the world. Keep current health tips for Scandinavia in mind and follow these links to articles on how to stay safe in each Scandinavian country:

1. How Safe is Denmark?

Street in Aarhus
Visit Denmark
Denmark is very safe as a country. Travelers definitely don't have to worry about their safety in Copenhagen or elsewhere in Denmark and women need not fear any kind of harassment. There are some areas you might want to avoid, though...how safe is Denmark?

2. How Safe is Norway?

J. Adde/Trondheim Kommune

Norway's cities Oslo and Bergen are, despite the 2011 terror attacks by Anders Behring Breivik, among the safest in Scandinavia - without any "bad neighborhoods". However, petty theft occurs here and there so keep an eye out for pickpockets and find out more before you travel there... how safe is Norway?

3. How Safe is Sweden?

Goteborg, Sweden
J. Holm/Goteborg&Co
Crime rates in Sweden are much lower than in most other European countries, to the point that Sweden is near or at the top of Scandinavia's safest countries. However, there is one bad area in Stockholm that travelers may want to avoid at night. And what about Gothenburg and Malmo? Find out more... how safe is Sweden?

4. How Safe is Iceland?

Chapel near Nuppstadur in Iceland
Nuppstadur in Iceland
Homeless people? Drugs? Violent crime? Not here. Iceland is a very quiet place and one of the safest travel destinations you could choose. Just in remote areas of Iceland there's something to keep in mind - learn about it here: How safe is Iceland?

5. How Safe is Finland?

Mäntsälä Church in Finland
Mäntsälä Church in Finland
Finland's capital Helsinki has been rated the world's second safest city and apart from a couple of areas travelers may want to avoid at night, Helsinki is a very safe city to visit. In rural parts of Finland, crime rates are nonexistent and the only safety issue there are collisions with wildlife. Find out more: How safe is Finland?

6. Health & Medical Information for Scandinavia

Doctor in Scandinavia
DediCare SWE
What kind of vaccinations will I need before traveling to Scandinavia? Can I bring prescription medication? What do I do in medical emergencies? Get all your health questions for Scandinavia answered here. (Sorted by country.)

7. Scandinavia's 6 Basic Travel Safety Tips

The most important things to keep in mind while traveling, mixed with a sprinkle of common sense, to keep you absolutely safe in Scandinavia - or anywhere else - and to avoid any bad situations that can easily happen to tourists. No matter where you go, remember these safe travel basics!

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