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Top 3 Scandinavia Travel Books


Most travelers get one or two books about their destination before they travel to Scandinavia because it is always easier to enjoy your vacation when you are prepared, know more about Scandinavia, and can plan ahead.

This is a list of several popular travel books to help you plan a great Scandinavian vacation. These guidebooks cover Scandinavia in its entirety, so they can be reused for your next trip to a different Scandinavian country. Books like these would make great gifts, too!

1. Frommer's Scandinavia (Frommer's Complete)

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Among Scandinavia books, this travel guide is one of the best. The guidebook contains detailed maps and useful tips regarding events, activities, private tours, and Scandinavian experiences.

ISBN: 0764578251, Format: Paperback, MSRP: $ 21.99

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2. Rick Steves' Scandinavia Books

Rick Steves' Scandinavia guidebooks are not as resourceful as the books listed above, but generally still worth taking a look at. The hand-drawn maps could be better. Purchasing a detailed map separately is recommended.

ISBN: 1566917336, Format: Paperback, MSRP: $ 19.95


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3. Fodor's Scandinavia

Fodor's Scandinavia travel guide is a well written guidebook for travelers and covers various hotels, restaurants, "hidden secrets", and many exciting things do to in Scandinavia year-round.

ISBN: 1400016428, Format: Paperback, MSRP: $ 23.00

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