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Traveling to Scandinavia with Kids?

Kids simply love Scandinavia.


Traveling to Scandinavia with your kids? If you've never been to Scandinavia, you may be unsure if it's a family-friendly destination. Believe me when I say that Scandinavia is so kid-friendly and offers children so much, your kids will remember traveling there for years.

1. Scandinavia With Kids: Family-Friendly Accommodation

Cumulus Olympia Hotel in Helsinki
© Cumulus Olympia Hotel

Scandinavia offers families with kids three popular choices:

Talk to your kids and pick the choice that fits you and your kids best.

2. Scandinavia With Kids: Family-Friendly Dining

Folkets Park in Malmo
Frederik Tellerup © Malmö Turism

Kids in Scandinavia often get crayons, small games, or some candy in restaurants to keep them happy and entertained. Nearly all Scandinavian restaurants have a really good menu just for kids.

Keep in mind that fish dishes are popular and cheap, so you may be ordering fish sticks for your kids instead of chicken. Learn more about typical food in Scandinavia and if you're heading to Norway, take a look at family-friendly restaurants in Oslo.

3. Scandinavia With Kids: Activities & Things to Do

Legoland in Billund, Denmark
Legoland Billund
There is always a summer park/theme park, or at least a playground with a "Hoppepude" nearby (that's a gigantic air pillow well known to any child that's ever been to Scandinavia). Make sure to check out...

4. Scandinavia With Kids: How to Save Money

CityBikes in Scandinavia
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Yes, traveling with kids in Scandinavia (or anywhere, for that matter) can get expensive. To get the most out of your money - and save unneccessary expenses - learn about

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