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Toilets in Scandinavia

How & Where Scandinavia Travelers Can "Do Business"


No traveler can avoid using toilets, and it's better to know in advance what to expect. Here are some essential tips for using toilets in each Scandinavian country:

1. Toilets in Sweden

Toilets in Stockholm, Sweden
© KGH2008
Definitely the most fun Scandinavian bathroom break can be had in Swedish restrooms. From funky and colorful to clean Scandinavian designs, toilets in Sweden are the most unique you'll ever see. But there are a few bad things, too...

2. Toilets in Denmark

Public Toilet in Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark makes it easy for travelers to find public toilets, at least in city areas. Restrooms in Denmark are usually very clean and most don't charge you anything. What can you expect from Danish public toilets in times of "need"? Learn more in the detailed article.

3. Toilets in Norway

Toilet in Norway
© Liam Quin/PD Lic.
Norway has done a lot to improve the reputation of local public toilets, and it'll cost you. Carry lots of coins in Norway so you won't get caught with your pants down. Learn how to deal with coded bathroom locks, and other practical tips for Norwegian toilets here.

4. Toilets in Finland

Sign to Toilets in Helsinki, Finland
© H. Tahvanainen / GettyImages
The toilets are quite memorable in Finland, and I'm not sure whether I mean that in a good way. There are a few things you should to know about toilets in Helsinki, and this article will also let you find out why you'll need a cell phone to unlock roadside toilets!

5. Toilets in Iceland

A Public Toilet in Reykjavik, Iceland
The Land of Fire and Ice has left the age of outhouses behind and Iceland visitors today can use clean public toilets. In city areas at least, and for a fee. And what happens when you leave the city? Take a look here at the good and bad about toilets in Iceland.
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