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Plan Your Trip to Scandinavia


Planning your Scandinavia vacation? A trip to Scandinavia should be well planned to ensure you'll enjoy your Scandinavian vacation even more. Start here with basic, very useful planning tips for your travels...
  1. Scandinavia 101: Most Common Questions
  2. Budgeting Your Trip to Scandinavia
  3. When Should You Go?
  4. Visa & Customs Information
  5. Health & Safety in Scandinavia
  6. Find Your Hotel
  1. Find Your Flight
  2. Maps & Transportation
  3. Scandinavia with Kids
  4. Traveling with Pets
  5. Popular Annual Events
  6. Language Basics: Useful Phrases

Scandinavia 101: Most Common Questions

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Let's get started with the basics for Scandinavia travelers. What is Scandinavia, where is Scandinavia, and why should I travel there?

Budgeting Your Trip to Scandinavia


Use these practical articles to get the budgeting portion of your vacation done!

When Should You Go?

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When should you travel? When is the best time of year for a trip to Scandinavia and when are the times with higher/lower travel prices? Let's get started and narrow it down by month - each monthly calendar shows you pros and cons along with weather information and events for that month!

Visa & Customs Information

Christmas at Copenhagen Airport

Do I need certain travel documents or a visa for Scandinavia? What are the limits on things you bring to Scandinavia? It's easy to find out with these tips for each Scandinavian country...

Health & Safety in Scandinavia

Doctor in Scandinavia

Stay safe and healthy during your vacation in Scandinavia with these tips about needed vaccinations, and find out how safe your destination truly is.

Find Your Hotel

Copenhagen Island Hotel

Scandinavian hotels come in all types and sizes, so it can be hard to decide which hotel is the one for you! Use these practical hotel finders which also offer price comparisons and quick online booking:

Find Your Flight


Let's find out how you determine your flight's destination airport, and where you'll find the lowest flight prices to Scandinavia...

Maps & Transportation


This section gives travelers information on transportation like trains, driving, and public transport in Scandinavia. And if you're planning to drive yourself, let's take a look at the maps and itinerary ideas!

Scandinavia with Kids

Legoland in Billund, Denmark

If you've never been to Scandinavia, you may be unsure if it's a family-friendly destination. Here's what you need to know about going to Scandinavia as a family.

Traveling with Pets

Dog at the Airport

Do you want to take your cat or dog with you when you travel? Here's all you need to know for problem-free pet travel to Scandinavia!

Popular Annual Events

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So what are the biggest and best annual events in the Scandinavian countries?

Language Basics: Useful Phrases

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No matter where you're headed on your next vacation, knowing a few words and short useful phrases always comes in handy, makes situations easier, and earns you brownie points from the locals. Let's look at some useful Scandinavian phrases for beginners - and if you don't want to memorize anything, just print them out and take them with you!

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