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Maps & Photos: Scandinavian Travel Maps & Photos from Scandinavia


Visit Scandinavia using these practical travel maps and tools, and if you can't travel, see the beauty of local nature and cities in the Scandinavian photo galleries.
  1. City Center Maps
  2. Basic Maps of Scandinavian Countries
  3. Country Relief Maps with Major Roads
  4. Distances & Driving
  1. Getting from City to City
  2. Transportation for Travelers
  3. Scandinavia Travel Photos & Images

City Center Maps

Map of Stockholm

Practical city center maps from the larger cities in Scandinavia! These city maps are great for planning purposes - they are available as high-resolution images and the city center maps can be downloaded. Sorted alphabetically.

Basic Maps of Scandinavian Countries

Map of Denmark (Scandinavia)

If you need basic maps of the Scandinavian countries with cities and larger towns, these Scandinavia maps will come in handy:

Country Relief Maps with Major Roads

Relief Map of Denmark

Looking for more detailed Scandinavian maps to plan your driving tour? Use these large, downloadable relief maps with major highway roads, cities and towns for each Scandinavian country.

Distances & Driving

Road through Sweden

How large or small are distances in Scandinavia, and how far is it between cities? Find out here, and take a look at practical driving tips...

Getting from City to City

Train Transportation in Scandinavia

Scandinavia offers a variety of transportation options, but depending on the cities you wish to combine, there may be connection options more or less practical. We'll show you different options in each city combination with pros and cons.

Transportation for Travelers

City of Kragero, Norway

Scandinavian maps and airplanes can only get a traveler so far...transportation options are another important question. So, which options do Scandinavia travelers have?

Scandinavia Travel Photos & Images

Malmohus Castle in Malmo, Sweden

These interesting photos will show you the Scandinavian country of your choice before you travel there...

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