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What to Do in Scandinavia?


Use this practical travel tip list for your Scandinavia vacation to find your destination's great attractions, local things to do and popular activities in each of the Scandinavian countries.
  1. Annual Events in Scandinavia
  2. Scandinavian City Attractions
  3. Free Things to Do & See
  4. See Everything With Guided Tours
  5. Self-Guided Walking Tours
  6. The Best Sights
  7. Day Trips
  1. Nightlife in Scandinavia
  2. Adult Travel: Things to Do
  3. Natural Phenomena & Wildlife
  4. What to Do in Summer
  5. What to Do in Winter
  6. Golfing in Scandinavia

Annual Events in Scandinavia

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Scandinavia is known for its countless events at any time of the year - from cultural annual events to outdoor activity events to special interest events, every traveler can easily find a great annual event in Scandinavia. Where would you like to go?

Scandinavian City Attractions


Clearly the fun part of your vacation: sightseeing and attractions. Let's find out more about the best urban attractions you will find in the cities in Scandinavia.

Free Things to Do & See

Free Attractions & Sights

Yes, Scandinavia isn't exactly the cheapest travel destination one can pick. However, if you want to keep an eye on your budget, simply take a look at the free things Scandinavia has to offer.

See Everything With Guided Tours

Rosendal Palace & Garden in Stockholm, Sweden

Want to make sure you don't miss any attractions? Here are the best guided tours for popular Scandinavian destinations. There are short and long guided tours, in all price ranges. And all make sure that you're going to see the must-see attractions of your destination.

Self-Guided Walking Tours

Trondheim Kommune

Do you like to stroll around old towns, look at historic buildings, and learn more about your travel destination at your own speed? Scandinavia offers great walking tours to all of its visitors - so here are a few popular, customizable walking tours to get you started!

The Best Sights

Kronborg Castle near Helsingør, Denmark

Here are each country's 10 best sights or destinations...or add your own favorites!

Day Trips

Egeskov Castle - Egeskov Slot Funen

Each of the big Scandinavian cities offers great things to do, but sometimes you have a spare day that you want to spend elsewhere. So here are the best day trips from each city.

Nightlife in Scandinavia

Copenhagen at night (Denmark)

Scandinavia is famous for its active nightlife. Here you'll find Scandinavia's top nightlife locations and up-to-date information on local bars, pubs, and clubs.

Adult Travel: Things to Do

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What kind of entertainment, attractions, and popular things do to does Scandinavia offer adult travelers?

Natural Phenomena & Wildlife


If you're a traveler that enjoys natural phenomena and beautiful scenery, know that Scandinavia is a wonderful travel destination with many great things to see and experience. Let's find out what kind of natural phenomena and wildlife travelers find in Scandinavia.

What to Do in Summer

Beach in Selje, Norway

Scandinavia offers very pleasant summer weather and endless coastlines for bathing. So what's better than to explore the sandy beaches of the "Swedish Riviera" or the "Paradise Bay" in Norway?

What to Do in Winter

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If you're traveling to Scandinavia in winter, you'll find that winter sports activities are a must during this time of year. Both visitors and locals alike can be found skiing or ice-skating in the white, white winters in Scandinavia.

Golfing in Scandinavia

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Golfing in Scandinavia is a summer activity that is becoming more and more popular in Scandinavia. If you're an avid golfer, find major golfing locations in Scandinavia here, and see what makes playing golf in Scandinavia so very special. Where else can you go golfing 24 hours under the Midnight Sun?

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