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Nudism in Iceland


Nudists in Europe

Nudists in Europe

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Nudism in Iceland is done individually rather than in nudist groups and social gatherings, as nudism in Iceland is only now becoming more popular. Iceland has no official nudist/naturist groups (yet).

Despite the cooler weather in Iceland, this destination offers many hot springs and rural locations where you can be naked, and there are swimming areas in all regions of the country. However, there are no official nude beaches (aka clothes-free beaches) or dedicated nudist locations in Iceland, and that's definitely something to keep in mind.

This means that the Icelandic nudist location you picked may also attract other visitors, who aren't as open-minded towards nudism as you are. Note that the spas in and around Reykjavik generally do not allow nudity. The same goes for the Blue Lagoon.

Best Tip: Nudists in Iceland often select a remote location for naturist activities, or rent swimming areas/pools after hours. This is especially useful for nudist groups!

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