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Yyteri Nude Beach in Pori, Finland

One of the longest beaches in Finland.


Nudists in Europe

Nudists in Europe

Michel Porro / Getty Images
Yyteri Nude Beach in Pori, Finland, is one of the few beaches for nudism in Finland. With a length of 6 km, Yyteri Beach is one of the longest beaches in Finland, but a large part of the beach requires clothing.

You'll find lots of dunes and sand along this beach area on Finland's west coast. Yyteri Nude Beach itself is a smaller section of the beach. It's a unisex nude beach.

You can find this nude beach near the town of Pori, on the west coast of Finland. Pori is about 1.5 hours west of Tampere, 2 hours north of Turku, or a good 3 hours northwest of Helsinki. Take a look at the map of nude beaches in Finland to see where to find Yyteri Nude Beach. A direct bus connects the beach to the city center of Pori.

There's an annual frisbee tournament at Yyteri Beach. It takes place in July and attracts quite a crowd each year. The area's recreational activities for visitors include camping, surfing, minigolf and golf, volleyball, and tennis.

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