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Top Romantic Destinations in Scandinavia

What are Scandinavia's most romantic destinations for couples?


Scandinavia is full of romance. Here are our picks for the most romantic Scandinavian destinations and activities, whether you're looking for a romantic place as a couple or you want to add some romance to your visit if you're in Scandinavia on Valentine's Day. Or maybe you're thinking about getting married in Scandinavia?

1. Experience the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon at Night
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For couples wanting a romantic Scandinavian destination, there's no way around the Blue Lagoon. Its remote location in Iceland makes it a little unusual to be a unique experience, but also keeps it exclusive enough to not get crowded. The Blue Lagoon is likely Iceland's best-known romantic getaway.

2. Stay at Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen

Hotel D'Angleterre Copenhagen
Hotel D'Angleterre

The Karen Blisen suite in the 300-year old Hotel D'Angleterre has been voted the most romantic suite in Denmark. Hotel D'Angleterre is one of Copenhagen's best luxury hotels and found near the Royal Palace and Europe's longest shopping street Strøget. The romantic lobby includes old-world marble and crystal accents and all rooms have antiques and marble bathrooms - along with views on the green gardens.

3. Visit the Geirangerfjord

Geirangerfjord, Norway
Christian Houge/Innovation Norge

What would a romantic trip for two be without a visit to the Geirangerfjord? Although this destination requires some time to get to, it's one of the most romantic spots Scandinavia can possibly offer. And all the credit goes to Mother Nature. If you're a nature-loving couple, the Geirangerfjord should be your first choice for a romantic trip.

4. View the Northern Lights at the North Cape

North Cape, Norway
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The North Cape is northern Scandinavia's most popular destination for couples. It's mainly adult travelers that come to the North Cape, wanting to enjoy the colorful Northern Lights and the experience of standing at the very edge of the European continent.

5. Stay at an Ice Hotel

Lumilinna Hotel in Kemi
Tony Ho/Visit Fin.

A bit chilly, but extremely romantic and unforgettable. Imagine you and your partner sleeping in your own glittering white room made of ice and snow, snuggled in warm fur blankets and sleeping bags. You have a choice of several ice hotels in Scandinavia, so romance can even come with a selection of destinations. Keep in mind that these hotels are only open in winter and spring.

6. See the Royal Castles & Gardens in Denmark

Egeskov Castle, Denmark
Egeskov Castle, Denmark

Denmark is the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe, so you'll find romantic castles and royal gardens everywhere. If you want to add a royal touch to your romantic getaway, here's information on the best castles in Denmark that are worthy of kings and queens!

7. Experience a Scandinavian Christmas Market

Christmas market in Gothenburg, Sweden
Johan Palmborg / Imagebank Sweden

Romantic travel doesn't always have to happen on Valentine's Day! If you're a couple visiting Scandinavia around the holiday season, the Scandinavian Christmas markets simply have to be on your list of things to do. These traditional Christmas markets are so very romantic, and have an old-world charm that is impossibly to describe.

8. Go on a "Ghost Walk" Tour in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden
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This is for courageous couples. During the Stockholm Ghost Walk, a professional guide and his lantern lead you through alleyways, romantic old courtyards and dark side streets while telling true accounts about nearby ghosts, hauntings, murder and romantic mysteries. Each tour includes a refreshment break in a 17th century underground wine cellar, which is actively haunted...

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