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How to Find Jobs in Scandinavia


If you're trying to find a job in Scandinavia, you've come to the right place, no matter what type of job in Scandinavia you need. Let's find open jobs in Scandinavia, sorted by country below.

Keep in mind that when you look for a job abroad, work visa law can be complex. One of your first steps when looking for a job abroad should be to contact one of the Scandinavian embassies near you to find out more about your work visa options. Most Europeans residing in Scandinavia more than 6 months need a residence certificate. Others may need a residence and work permit.

1. Job Searches Across Scandinavia

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These three websites have job listings from all Scandinavian countries. If you have a particular country in mind, scroll down to search for jobs by country.

2. Jobs in Scandinavia: SWEDEN

A work permit for Sweden can be granted without labor shortages, and it is valid for a maximum of two years at a time.

3. Jobs in Scandinavia: DENMARK

Jobs in Denmark are easier to come by if you are trained or experienced in a specialized field of work, no matter which one. The rate of immigration is quite low.

4. Jobs in Scandinavia: NORWAY

Jobs in Norway offer a wide variety of benefits, steady employment, and high pay.

5. Jobs in Scandinavia: FINLAND

Find out if you need a work permit for Finland, and where you can find the most jobs depending on whether you speak only English or both English and Finnish. We've picked some great job search engines that can come in handy.

6. Jobs in Scandinavia: ICELAND

Jobs in Iceland aren't very hard to come by if you're a good, helpful worker. You have much better chances if you speak Icelandic, though. Let's find out more about Jobs in Iceland here and learn which websites are best for your search.

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