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Travel Tips for Sweden

Use these travel tips to plan your Sweden vacation! Here are lists and reviews of the best Swedish attractions, hotels, restaurants, events and many other things to do in Sweden.
  1. City: Uppsala (1)
  2. City: Stockholm (30)
  3. City: Gothenburg (Göteborg) (8)
  4. City: Malmo (Malmö) (8)
  5. Annual Events in Sweden (31)

10 Things Not do Do in Sweden
A general understanding about the do's and donts in Sweden definitely comes in handy for any traveler. What's acceptable and what is simply not done in Sweden?

Country Profile: Sweden
Useful facts and general information visitors should have before traveling to Sweden.

The Best Cities in Sweden
Sweden's cities can differ a lot, so it's very interesting to visit more than one, But which cities in Sweden are best for travelers? Well, let's take a look at our favorite cities and pick the cities that suit you best.

Useful Words & Phrases in Swedish
Basic Swedish language help and travel related words, with easy to learn phrases and a printable cheat sheet. This is Swedish for travelers!

The Weather in Sweden
Sweden weather information, climate and monthly temperatures for travelers wishing to learn about Sweden's travel weather.

The Oresund Bridge: The Connection of Denmark & Sweden
The Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. Here are practical travel tips, construction facts, and bridge crossing tolls for the Oresund Bridge in Scandinavia...

What Time Is It in Sweden?
What time is it in Sweden? Find out what time it is in Sweden with this helpful travel tip informing you which time zone Sweden is in, and about daylight saving time in Sweden.

When to Go to Sweden
See when to go to Sweden and find out which times of the year are best to travel to Sweden. We'll explain the best times to visit and when to go to Sweden.

The 5 Best Ski Resorts in Sweden
Ski resorts in Sweden aren't hard to find, but there are a few that are outstanding and offer a great wintry experience. Check the local weather before you go skiing in Sweden, and let's find out which alpine ski resort fits you best!

City Cards in Sweden - Discount Cards for City Travelers
City cards in Sweden such as the Stockholm Card, offer Sweden travelers discounts and cheap or free transportation in Swedish cities. City cards include the Stockholm Card, the SL Tourist Card for the Stockholm region, the Gothenburg Pass and the Malmo Card...

Driving in Sweden
Driving in Sweden in your next Sweden vacation? Find out more about how to drive in Sweden, and get useful driving tips for Swedish roads. This travel article offers help for drivers abroad.

Christmas Traditions & Customs in Sweden
Find out how Swedes celebrate traditional Swedish Christmas In Sweden - Scandinavia, to prepare for traditions and customs on your visit or trip during the festivities in the winter celebrations season.

The 5 Best Beaches in Sweden
On your next summer trip, visit one of the beaches in Sweden - there's lots of soft sand, sun, and many activities for all ages. Let's find out where you can find the perfect beach for you...

Jobs in Sweden
Find a job in Sweden on these sites, and keep in mind the practical tips when trying to find a job in Sweden.

Koster National Park
Kosterhavet national park is the new national park on Koster, Sweden. The Koster national park is a marine park reached by ferry to Syd-Koster, from where you can explore the many islands in Koster national park.

How Safe is Sweden?
Sweden is one of the safest countries, to the point that travelers don't have to consider any safety issues in Sweden at all, as long as they're using common sense. Crime rates in Sweden are much lower than in most other European countries.

Sweden Visa & Documentation
Before you go, have your visa and documentation questions answered here. Find out if you need a visa and what kind of documentation you may need to enter this Scandinavian country.

The Gota Canal in Sweden
The Gota Canal in Sweden. What's the Gota Canal and how do you travel on the Gota Canal? All about the Swedish waterway.

Customs Regulations in Sweden
Customs regulations in Sweden easily explained for both EU and non-EU travelers. Find out which goods are allowed through customs in Sweden, what the Swedish duty free limits are, and how to bring your pet to Sweden...

How to Travel to Sweden With a Dog or Cat
About traveling to Sweden with your dog or cat. Find out what you need to do before you travel to Sweden with a dog or cat. Here are the requirements to take cats / dogs to Sweden.

Toilets in Sweden - What Can You Expect From Toilets in Sweden?
Need to find a toilet in Sweden during your visit? Learn what to expect from the restrooms there and keep these toilet tips in mind when you have to "go" in Sweden...

Traveling Healthy in Sweden: Vaccinations & Medical Care
Stay healthy in Sweden by learning about required vaccinations for travelers, medical treatment in Sweden, and how to get emergency assistance on your trip...

Alpine World Ski Championships 2007 in Åre, Sweden
About the Alpine World Ski Championships 2007 taking place February 3 - 18 in Åre, Sweden. Location, timetable, hotel and ticket information for the Alpine World Ski Championships 2007 in Sweden.

Seven Wonders of Sweden
What are the 7 Wonders of Sweden? Swedes Voted for their own 7 Wonders of Sweden in the summer of 2007, after Sweden failed to make the list of the new Seven Wonders of the Modern World...

Swedish Embassies in the US, UK & Other Countries
If you're looking for a Swedish embassy or consulate, find the location closest to you here on this list of Swedish embassies worldwide.

How to Find Student Housing in Sweden
Student housing in Sweden can be hard to find. Make sure to follow these tips to obtain student housing or dorm rooms in Sweden as soon as possible. Here's how you can find student housing in Sweden and similar accommodation for your studies.

Nudism in Sweden
Sweden travelers can enjoy clothes-free beaches on the Swedish coast where nudists visit nude CO beaches, naturist resorts, and spend their Swedish nudist vacation. Find out more about nudism in Sweden!

How to Call Sweden
Calling Sweden is easy with these instructions and calling tips for Sweden from anywhere in the world. If you're unsure how to call Sweden by phone, just follow this simple calling guide.

Getting Married in Sweden
Are you thinking about getting married in Sweden during your vacation? Feel like eloping? Find out what kind of information and documentation Sweden requires from foreign couples wanting to get married there on their vacation.

Tipping in Sweden
Tipping in Sweden can be different. In Sweden, tipping is given in the form of rounding up amounts, usually ranging from 5-10 per cent of the bill. Find out more about tipping in Sweden here.

The Best Cities in Sweden?
Tell us about the best cities in Sweden! What are your favorite cities?

Christmas Traditions & Customs In Sweden - Scandinavia
Find out how Swedes celebrate traditional Swedish Christmas In Sweden - Scandinavia, to prepare for traditions and customs on your visit or trip during the festivities in the winter celebrations season.

Which Type of Electrical Outlet is Used in Sweden?
Which type of electrical outlet is used in Sweden? What kind of plugs do they use? Find out here if you need a power converter, an adapter, or a transformer to use electrical outlets in Sweden.

7 Days in Sweden
Got 7 Days in Sweden? There are numerous places of interest in Sweden, including the ice hotels up north. But because Sweden is big, we will focus on a more concentrated trip, taking you on a seven day road trip through the southern half of Sweden...

2 x New Year's Celebrations - Celebrate Twice In Scandinavia
Learn about celebrating New Year's Eve twice in one night! Find out about Scandinavian New Year's celebrations in the Scandinavian country of Sweden, with this great travel tip and winter vacation idea for your New Year's vacation!

Gotland: Sweden's Beautiful Island
Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea. Part of Sweden, Gotland attracts a large group of travelers each year. About the island of Gotland, Sweden.

Öland Island, Sweden - A Travel Guide to Öland
Öland is Sweden's second largest island with an area of 1,300 sq km over a length of 137 km. Öland island is one of Sweden's most popular summer destinations.

Your Favorite Day Trip from Stockholm
What's your favorite day trip from Stockholm? See the most popular day trip ideas, and share with other travelers what kind of day trip idea you think is the best day trip from Stockholm.

Gävle, Sweden - Traveling to Gävle, Sweden, a great destination for a day...
Gävle, Sweden - Traveling to Gävle, Sweden, a great destination for a day trip from the Swedish capital. Gävle is a very romantic and laid-back destination with scenic views and lots of colorful wooden houses.

10 Things I Love About Sweden
10 things I love about Sweden? A list with ten things about Sweden is easy to put together...but it's hard to limit it to just ten things in the end!

10 Things I Hate About Sweden
10 things I hate about Sweden. There are several things that bug me. One of them is that each person fends for themselves in Sweden and nobody holds a door open for you...

The Regions of Sweden
As you plan your trip, you might wonder, what are the most distinctive regions of Sweden that attract visitors?

Marijuana in Sweden
Is weed legal in Sweden? Here's the current situation on the legalities of marijuana in Sweden. If you are in the south of Sweden, and want to smoke some weed...

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Go to Sweden
Here are the top 5 reasons why NOT to visit Sweden!

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