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How To Call Someone in Sweden


How To Call Someone in Sweden
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Need to call Sweden and not sure how to do it? It's easy when you follow these steps before you call someone in Sweden.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Just a few moments.

Here's How:

  1. First of all, check what time it is in Sweden right now so you don't call Sweden when it's the middle of the night there.
  2. Start the international call from the US by dialing 011.
    From within Europe and Asia, dial 00.
    From Australia, dial 0011.
  3. Now dial 46 (country code for Sweden).
  4. Proceed to dial the Swedish area code and phone number. If the phone number's area code starts with a 0, leave the 0 out. (E.g. If a phone number for Stockholm starts with 08, you would not dial the 0.)
  5. Wait for the call to connect and talk. When calling Sweden, most locals will be able to talk to you in English. To put in a little extra effort, take a look at some basic Swedish phrases to use as greetings.

    If you need to place more calls, you should find out how to make calls to other Scandinavian countries as well.


  1. When using a phone card to call Sweden, follow the card's instructions.
  2. When placing an international call to Sweden, always omit the leading 0 of the area code if there is one.
  3. To call from Sweden, dial 00 for an international call and then the country code (e.g. 1 for the US, 33 for France, 61 for Australia, etc.)

What You Need

  • A Swedish phone number including the local area code.
  • A phone with international long distance service enabled.
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