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A Travel Guide to Öland Island


Öland Island, Sweden

Öland Island, Sweden

Ulf Huett Nilsson

About Öland:

Öland is Sweden's second largest island (after Gotland) covering an area of 1,300 sq km over a length of 137 km.

Öland is a sunny summer destination attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each summer. The island has a permanent population of about 26,000 and is found in the Baltic Sea.

The narrow Kalmar Strait lies between Öland and mainland Sweden, spanned by the Öland Bridge. Borgholm is the biggest town on the romantic island of Öland.

How to Get to Öland:

From Stockholm, it's a 6 hour drive to Öland. Head south on the E22 to Kalmar and then drive east to Öland island by way of the bridge. From Malmö, simply take the E33 east to Kalmar.

You can't book a flight going directly to Öland island, but there is an airport in Kalmar, Sweden, just east of the island.

An alternative is taking the ferry to Öland. This car and passenger ferry runs between Oskarshamn and Byxelkrok during the summer months.

Accommodation on Öland:

Because Öland houses so many vacationers each year, there is a large variety of accommodation. You can pick from numerous camping sites, literally thousands of rental cottages, and good hotels on Öland — most of which are found in the town of Borgholm.

Things to Do on Öland:

As a popular summer destination, Öland offers a variety of things to do. Some suggestions would be:
  • Borgholm Castle
  • Källa gamla kyrka, the 12th century church
  • Karlevistenen, Öland's 10th century runestone
  • The Midsummer Festival
  • Öland's Sun and Water Festival
  • The annual harvest festival Skördefest in September
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