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Jobs in Sweden

How to Find a Job in Sweden


Royals Talking

Royals Talking

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Jobs in Sweden come with pros and cons. Most jobs in Sweden offer excellent benefits, steady employment, and high pay. Keep in mind that having a job in Sweden means high deductions.

Finding a job in Sweden isn't too painful. Sweden has a low rate of immigration and the target group for many jobs are trained, specialized workers in a wide range of fields.

As a non-EU citizen, you'll need a work permit. If you are going to have a job in Sweden for more than three months, you'll also have to apply for a residence permit.

A work permit can be granted without labor shortages, and it is valid for a maximum of two years at a time. For details, contact one of the Swedish embassies close to you.

So let's get started in finding a job in Sweden. If you don't have access to local Swedish newspapers for your job search, the best start is to search for jobs in Sweden on the following websites. They're very popular among Swedish employers.

If you speak Swedish, countless jobs in Sweden are listed on these sites: Internships & Entry Level jobs in Sweden:
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