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Truvebadet Nude Beach (Lidköping, Sweden)

The Official Nude Beach Near Gothenburg


Nudism in Europe

Nudism in Europe

Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid
Truvebadet Nude Beach is a popular Swedish nude beach in the Gothenburg area that's easy to find. You'll get to Truvebadet Nude Beach by driving to the town of Lidköping and taking road 44 just 5 km (3 mi) east to Lake Vänern.

Note that there are two beaches, one where clothing is required, the other being the nude beach. The part that is Truvebadet nude beach is an official nude beach owned by the city of Lidköping.

The beach offers nudists in Sweden lots of sand, grassy areas for sunbathing, the Filsbäcks campground (requiring clothing), a golf course, free parking, and public restrooms. Keep in mind that the facilities at this nude beach do not provide drinking water.

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