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The City Cards in Sweden

City Discount Cards for Visitors


City cards in Sweden are travel discount cards which offer Sweden travelers cheap or free transportation in Swedish cities, along with many other discounts (e.g. cheaper hotel rates in Stockholm and admission to museums and tourist attractions). These discount cards are a great way for city travelers to save and only cost $16-$45 (£10-30 or €11-€31), depending on the card's selected duration.

1. City Card for Stockholm: The Stockholm Card (Stockholmskortet)

Djurgården (Djurgarden) Tram in Stockholm, Sweden.
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The most popular travel discount card among Sweden's city cards is certainly the Stockholm Card (in Swedish: Stockholmskortet). This city card offers free public transportation in Stockholm and surrounding area, free admission to 75+ museums/attractions, free boat tours, hotel discounts, etc.

You can also opt for the SL Tourist Card (free public transportation through Greater Stockholm, along with free admission to Grona Lund amusement park.) Either card is available at tourist information offices in Stockholm, many campsites and hostels, or can be purchased online here:

2. City Card for Goteborg: The Goteborg CityPass | CURRENTLY NOT AVAIL. ONLINE

Goteborg at Night - Nightlife in Gothenburg/Goteborg, Sweden
The Gothenburg Pass (also known as "Göteborgs Passet") works much like the Stockholm Card. In Gothenburg, you can enjoy free transportation, admission to Liseberg theme park and sightseeing boat trips, the Universeum, and many other great travel discounts for visitors. Travelers are even offered shopping discounts and rebates for event tickets and restaurants in Gothenburg!

The Goteborg CityPass is available at tourist offices in Gothenburg.

3. City Card for Malmo: The Malmo Card (Malmökortet) | CURRENTLY NOT AVAIL. ONLINE

Folkets Park in Malmo
Frederik Tellerup © Malmö Turism
The Malmo Card also offers free transportation on buses in Malmo, along with free parking. A nice advantage of this discount card is cheaper rates for traveling to Copenhagen by car (across the Oresund bridge.) Many of Malmo's museums are free with this card, and adventure centers and theme parks are discounted by as much as 50%, along with car and bike rentals, fishing trips, and more.

Travelers can buy the Malmo Card in all Malmo tourist offices.

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