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Things to Do & Top Attractions in Scandinavia

Not sure about what to do in Scandinavia, or what the Scandinavian attractions are? Here are Scandinavian attractions and insider tips on what you can do on your vacation in Scandinavia.
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Things To Do in Scandinavia: The Top 10
Scandinavia's best attractions for travelers? There are several, so find out what no visitor should miss when traveling to the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, or Iceland!

Beaches in Scandinavia: Where to Find the Best Beaches
Scandinavia may not be popular for beach vacations, but there are beautiful sandy beaches in Scandinavia nonetheless! The best time for a summer visit to Scandinavian beaches is late June through late August. Here's where you can find the best beaches.

Top Attractions in Malmo, Sweden
Visiting Malmo, Sweden, and not sure where to go or what to see? Use this guide to find the Malmo attractions best suited for your visit to the Swedish city...

The Best Attractions in Helsinki, Finland
Find out which attractions in Helsinki are the city's best attractions for any traveler's taste, and which Helsinki attractions you definitely need to visit on your next trip to the Finnish capital...

Whale Watching in Scandinavia
Interesting in whale watching in Scandinavia? Whale watching in Norway and Iceland is a popular activity among many Scandinavia travelers. Find out more here about these adventure safaris and learn when and where you can view the whales...

10 Best Sights & Attractions in Denmark
It can be hard to pick the best sights and attractions in Denmark, but if you're planning a trip to Denmark and want some advice on must-see sights, start with this list of the top 10 attractions and sights.

Museum Erotica: The Sex Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark
The Museum Erotica in Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of the most popular sex museums around the world. Open-minded visitors in Copenhagen will enjoy this tasteful, interesting museum in Denmark's capital. Read more!

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
Learn more about the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Danish attraction of the Little Mermaid's bronze statue attracts countless tourists each year.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
Everything you need to know about the phenomenon of Aurora Borealis - its creation, the best times and locations for viewing, etc.

Marathons in Scandinavia
These are the biggest marathons in Scandinavia. Find out about the times, locations, lengths, and more tips for marathons in Scandinavia.

Things To Do In Stockholm, Sweden
Not sure what to do in this city? Learn about the Top Things to Do for travelers in Stockholm - the most enjoyable destinations, locations, and attractions in Sweden's capital.

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland? Take a look at this travel review for the Blue Lagoon. The Icelandic Blue Lagoon is a popular travel destination for many travelers and should not be missed!

Attractions Of Reykjavik, Iceland
Attractions Of Reykjavik, Iceland for travelers that wish to learn about things do to and events and festivities in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

Things To do In Gothenburg, Sweden - Top Attractions
Things to do for travelers and visitors in Gothenburg, Sweden. Find out what the top attractions, recommended sightseeing destinations are for your...

"Grona Lund" Amusement Park, Stockholm
Travel review for the Tivoli "Grona Lund" Amusement Park, in Sweden's capital Stockholm, with informative details and an objective description of this Swedish park. Want to visit this destination as part of your Scandinavian vacation?

The Best Parks in Oslo
Oslo's Scandinavian parks and gardens are one of the city's top attractions and let you experience Norway's nature inside a big city. Find out where to find the best gardens and parks in Oslo.

Halloween In Tivoli, Copenhagen
Now there is a wonderfully scary event for families on vacation in Copenhagen during October - the Tivoli's Halloween festivities.

Christmas In Tivoli, Copenhagen
A great annual Christmas event for families on a seasonal holiday vacation: Copenhagen's major attraction, the Tivoli amusement park!

Legoland in Billund, Denmark
Why are 340 billion pieces of Lego in the Danish theme park Legoland worth visiting? Find out here.

The Danish Royal Gardens
Learn more about the three most beautiful Danish Royal Gardens.

Top 3 Unusual Destinations in Scandinavia
Want to visit a unique, unusual destination in Scandinavia? Because of the size and diversity that constitutes the countries of Scandinavia, there are unique destinations and attractions that differ a lot from what you'd normally do.

Your Favorite Unusual Destination
Tell us and other travelers about your favorite unusual destinations in Scandinavia. Where's the most unusual destination you've ever visited in Scandinavia?See submissions

Graceland Randers
Graceland Randers is a new event house inspired by Elvis Presleys home Graceland in Memphis, and is the "Graceland in Denmark". Graceland Randers in Denmark contains an 1950's-style American diner called "Highway 51", a large Elvis museum, movie theater, a souvenir shop, and more.

An 8 Day Itinerary for Scandinavia
An 8-day itinerary for Scandinavia, traveling through Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Alesund and Stockholm. The one-week itinerary (or 8-day itinerary) of Scandinavia which covers all the important destinations and sights of Scandinavia in one tour.

The Best Sights in 2013
If you're traveling to Scandinavia in 2013, you may want to take a look at this year's best sights! What are the three essential places you need to see in 2013?

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